accomplishments and my Oscar!

accomplishments and my Oscar!

Happy Wednesday!

It's 0010 and I decided that there was no way that I'd sit down during any other part of today to type something on this. My list actually seems unsurmountable with all the things that have to be done in the next few days. Despite this fact, I remain optimistic that it will all get done bit by bit and that if I fail to do something I will resolve not to think that I've failed and smile about it.

This past week has had me thinking about accomplishments and the reasons why we all feel that we have something to prove. Mostly I think that we feel we have to prove something to ourselves. What we have to prove varies for each of us, as does the level with which we beat ourselves up if we don't reach our very highly set bar. We are much more forgiving and encouraging of others than we are of ourselves-what is that all about?? So many of my friends are great at supporting others but give virtually no "peptalk" to themselves. Perhaps we all should have a magic mirror that lights up when we begin to speak negatively to/of ourselves. Maybe it could have a wee flashy bar that will read "You're fab'" or "I think you're great" every time we lapse into a self-judgemental rant!

Let's all try to imagine that we have such a magic mirror this coming week. Let's try to giggle at ourselves every time we would usually be swearing inwardly about our action/inaction. Picture a wierd shaped frame which conjurs up a belly laugh every time we mess up-what a pleasant change, eh?

Not sure where this is coming from-sleep deprivation, perhaps?

I was going to talk about the Golden Globes and the fact that when I finally receive my Oscar (for my Best Adapted Screenplay of "Dibs") that I will not tell everyone that I love them and that it's the best day of my life! The pressure that these celeb's are under to "do things right" is so huge, isn't it-poor things! I wouldn't have their lives for love nor money (okay...maybe some of the money for a wee while!) My "best days of my life" are reserved for things like the birth of my 3 kids and all the many ordinary, extraordinary days were all 5 of us are sitting having dinner and telling our highs and lows to each other. Sitting typing this on my laptop with Bill typing emails on the computer, music from our past playing on the ipod-this is one of the best days of my life. Being totally at ease with us being together but independant of each other-now that's great!

What will I say for my speech then?

Well.........( firstly,I'd have to remember to speak very slowly or they'd never understand me)

"Thank you to everyone who I'm supposed to thank! I have planned this speech for many years and it has to be very short. So, this award is for my wonderful husband, Bill and my 3 fantastic kids Andrew, Jennifer and Alison. It's for them 'cause they're the ones who put up with me on a daily basis and still love me. Thanks guys!!"

For those of you who haven't heard of Dibs (my screenplay) it's my favourite book of all time and one which almost made me choose to use my brain to become a child psychologist. It wasn't to be though 'cause it was the same as my being an Obstetrician.........too long at school and too much actual hard slog studying! Nursing was a much better option because it was pretty much all hands on, when I trained. A total of 24 weeks in school in a 3 yr course-now that I coped with!!!!!!

Even now, I can't imagine ever going back to school to achieve a qualification. The Bach Courses and Reiki courses were short and totally focussed on the subject at hand. What does black have to do with weetabix? Nothing........and why would I want to learn about something that had nothing to do with my aims in life.

Ah, note to self-don't let the kids see this or they'll start on about the seemingly useless stuff they're having to learn in school! And I actually agree with them on most of their points!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Bill's just pointed out that 1am is here and I really should get some shut-eye! I've got a jewellery party happening here tomorrow night and it would be a bit "OFF" if I sit snoring in the corner, eh?!

Have a wonderful week everyone!


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