Agrimony will help you to stop saying 'I'm Fine' Lx

Agrimony will help you to stop saying 'I'm Fine' Lx

Hey, how are you today? Have you even thought about the answer to that question today?
When someone asks you this question, do you simply give the standard accepted reply of " I'm Fine' ?
If you do, believe me in that you are not alone and that I used to also reply in that manner. Why? Why would we say that we are 'Fine' when we truly are not?
Mostly, I think that we do not want the 'questioner' (is that even a word?) to think that we are not coping ot to pass judgement on how we are really feeling. Also, I think that we don't actually believe that the person wants to know-they are just being polite. Finally, we don't want to 'bother' the person with our baggage.
Did I miss anything? Hopefully, if I did, the fact that you've identified your own reason will be very useful to you.
Because......once you are aware of why you do something, it's the first stage of being able to change it. That is, if you decide to. Awareness leads to choice of action.
My friends and clients know that the word 'Fine' does not get accepted in my front room (where I see my clients) If it slips out, they quickly think of a different word to describe how they are feeling.
'Fine' implies that you are actually not 'Fine' and I suppose that it is because of the work that I do that I invite people to share the feelings behind the 'Fine'
Perhaps you may think it intrusive of me to do so but I trust that if a person comes into my life (through whatever door) I will try to help them in whatever way they need and, in my experience, it usually involves helping them to connect with themselves emotionally and spiritually. And the first step to that is to get them to connect to how they are actually feeling so that I can help them balance out any negative emotions.
Bach Flower remedies have been invaluable to me and subsequently to those who I have helped choose the right ones for themselves. Agrimony is the remedy which helps you to share your true feelings, without worrying about conflict or judgements from others. It can help to relieve you of the torture of keeping it all inside. It will stop you using the word 'Fine' :-)

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