Are you on your "to-do" list ?

Are you on your "to-do" list ?

So, after last weeks blog, my son informed me that it was "good, mum but it's not really a blog!" Mmm!?

Being one who never really likes to do things the same way as everyone else-if it doesn't feel right, I'll continue the blog in whatever manner it wants! And if that means putting in some remedy advice, that'll be how it's meant to be.

Having said that, I'm looking back at the last week and noting how much my emotions have changed in such a short time. Just over a week ago, I had to put out an s.o.s. to a friend to come and give me some emotional support and a bit of Reiki too, please! Actually-I asked her if she'd like to do a Reiki-swap and please could I be really selfish and go first ASAP!! I am blessed to have such wonderful friends like her but I still find it difficult to ask for help for me! I'm not so bad at asking for help with things or for others but it is a new thing for me to be able to ask for someone to help me, myself, I

I am not alone in this. Most of my clients also have difficulty with themselves asking for help for themselves. It's almost like, we can tell everyone else that they can call on us any time and we'll be there but when it comes to being there for ourselves-we're not!! Put your hand up if you can "talk-the-talk"?

Now put your hand up if you can "walk-the-walk"? Mmmmm! And why is that, I wonder?

How many of you are always telling friends that they have to look after number one first, so that they will then be able to look after everyone else?

Now, how many of you do just that yourself? Be truthful!

Do you eat right, exercise regularly, make time for things you love to do, go to bed early if you're tired, Lie in if you've nothing planned?

I did the Reiki teacher course on Sunday (a fab' day, by the way) and when asked how many times a week I practised self-healing I reeled-off the previous nights attempt at trying to get to the self-healing before bed! I had answered emails, including in them the words "I'm trying to get to my self-healing" and had organised several things for a workshop I was running 2 days later and I had finally sat down around eleven-thirty to do fourteen minutes of self-healing.

I tell you this because it all sounded very negative coming out of my mouth until it dawned on me that at least I had done it. A little amount, yes-but the 'old' me would have just skipped doing it altogether 'cause there were too many other things to do. The 'new' me is at least on my list of things to do. Not at the top, Yet but I'm definitely making my way up there. Not so long ago, I would have been one of those "jobs" that never got on to the list because I was secondary and relatively unimportant. So yippee for me and my journey to the top of my list.

Are you on your list?

If not, or if you are and are struggling to climb up it, here's a couple of the remedies to help you get there:

Centaury to help you to be able to say "no" when you want to, rather than always saying "yes, yes, yes" which can lead you to become exhausted, overwhelmed and resentful.

Pine to help you value yourself, not feel guilty about taking time for you and to know that (in the words of L'oreal) "you're worth it!"


Remember, You are very important to You, folks.

Give yourself a big cheesy grin the next time you pass yourself in the mirror or play some of your favourite music and dance around the kitchen, singing (I personally always find Abba work a treat)

Each and every one of us deserves to be at the top of our own list. C'mon, I'll race you to the top!

Signing off with kindest wishes sent out to all,



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