Are your shoulders up around your ears? Try Vervain.

Are your shoulders up around your ears? Try Vervain.

Happy Thursday everyone. My house-cleaning has been in full gear this week and I wish that I had done it a couple of weeks ago, so that I could have given all the unwanted wonders to a friends Jumble Sale. Now the charity shops will benefit instead which is no bad thing, I suppose. Where I live, our local 'high street' is full of charity shops and I have no preference as to which one gets my 'hand-me-downs'. Often it simply depends on whose door I can get parked outside or my reason for being in the High Street.
I do think, though, that charity shops are a great place to shop. I found a great little Jacket, this week. I had been looking online for one, for my hubbie to buy me for Christmas. He was unamused when I told him that he could wrap up the charity-shop one despite the fact it only cost £6.50 instead of the very much higher price tags online.
So, I have had the 'new' jacket on several times already and LOVE it. I also got a sleeveless long cardi', which I must pull out of the wardrobe and wear today.
This morning I am going for another holistic massage and am sooo looking forward to it. My first one had me feeling somewhat tired and hungry. The second one had me suffer a burning pain between my shoulder blades for two weeks and my third one made me a bit grumpy.
So, I guess that you may be thinking 'why bother' and here's why.
I have been suffering from a stiff left shoulder and I had reached the point that I was thinking of having some massage. For those who know me, you know that I don't do 'touch' therapies, so much. Whilst friends loved their relaxing massages, I could think only of a stranger touching me and was not interested.
My being drawn to book a massage became a reality when I met Charlene ( at my Calm Kids ( course. Both of us were feeling anxious about being there and it was no coincidence that we were seated beside each other. Over the weekend, I decided to book a session with her and in return, she would have a Reiki session with me. We have since done 3 swaps (although she is still owed her 3rd session)
My shoulder? It is feeling much better. I have also become acutely aware of how rigidly I hold myself and I am pretty much constantly having to 'drop' my shoulders and relax my legs.
Vervain is the Bach flower remedy for those who have feelings of overenthusiasm and it is not one that I have used very much as I never think of myself as over-enthusiastic. In fact, I more think of myself as needing to get some :-)
Vervain, however, is the remedy which I am drawn to suggest to people who constantly find themselves with their shoulders up around their ears-the way that mine are prone to be. I was unaware that they had this tendency until after my first massage. I always thought that I was a pretty relaxed 'Gal' but my body has been telling me otherwise over the last 6 weeks.
After the last massage I put myself on Vervain as a single for a few days and my shoulder really did feel much better. A couple of days after I stopped it, I noticed that my shoulder had tensed up again. So, I made up a new mix with Vervain in and my shoulder is feeling pretty relaxed, as I type.
Not surprisingly, my friends, who come round for our regular, unofficial Bach drop-in, all ended up with Vervain in their mixes.
One girls hubbie has a 'frozen' shoulder and so I am hoping that it will help him with that.
Although the remedies are not for the treatment of physical ailments, they can help with physical symptoms that come from some emotional imbalance. Sometimes we are unaware of the emotion being out of balance (like me with my unawareness of how tensely I hold myself-a manifestation of my inability to 'switch off' my energy)
Won't it be great, if all it takes to get rid of a 'frozen' shoulder is a few weeks of Vervain, for an over-enthusiastic, always-on-the-job soul?
Sending out much love into our world, this blustery morning and hope that this finds your shoulders as relaxed as mine and I'm off to make them even more relaxed..........byeeee :-)



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