Calm For Christmas remedies.....scroll down.

Calm For Christmas remedies.....scroll down.

Christmas can be a really stressful time for some, if not most people, for all sorts of different reasons. With that in mind, I have run a few Level 1 Bach courses which finished at the beginning of December, with the specific aim of helping people learn how the Bach Flower Remedies can help reduce stress in all situations, including Christmas. I titled them 'Calm for Christmas' and the students experienced  what Bach Flower Remedies don't say on the label and that is, that they help you to feel calmer.
Since discovering the Bach Flower Remedies thirteen years ago, I am continually amazed by their effectiveness but even more amazed that every single person in the world doesn't know about them. That's a huge statement but, through my own personal use of them and that of my family, friends and clients, I simply can't believe that word of this complete healing system hasn't spread further.
Perhaps this is the time for Bach to grow? In this new age of social media and internet communication, perhaps this is going to be the 'explosion' of Bach awareness that I have always dreamed possible.
I named my business (a bit of a mouthful) for a reason and that reason was because I wanted anyone, from anywhere, to be able to access the healing benefits of this simple 'system'. That was eight years ago and whilst I have 'played' at running a Bach Practice, I have not been in the right place, personally, to promote it to be the accessible, thriving practice that I know it's meant to be.
In brief, the Dr Edward Bach 'complete healing system' is made up of thirty-eight different flower remedies which are used to treat thirty-eight different emotions, to bring them back into balance. It's about looking at what is going on emotionally with a person and helping them to 'feel' better by giving them the remedies which will bring their negative emotions back into balance.
Dr Bach knew that emotions had a huge part to play in illness and recovery. He gave up a lucrative medical practice, in Londons Harley Street because he was so certain that true healing came from within and that it would be activated by something from nature and not man. He spent years, discovering which flower and trees energies helped to balance the negative emotions that each and every one of us can suffer from.
Many people know about the benefits of the Bach Rescue Remedy and indeed it was my own first experience with the remedies. It was years later that I discovered there were thirty eight different remedies to choose from. When I'm teaching, I talk about Asthma inhalers. The blue inhaler is like Rescue Remedy, to be used in emergency/acute situations. The brown inhaler is the other remedies, to be used to prevent emergency/acute situations. So, if you take the correct mixture of remedies, to balance out your negative emotions, you will seldom need to use your Rescue Remedy because your responses to situations will be calmer.
Although the remedies are not used to treat physical illness, an illness that is made worse by negative emotions will be helped by the remedies. Asthma for example, is made worse by anxiety and I have seen decrease in asthmatic attacks through a clients use of remedies for her anxiety.
Oh dear, I seem to have strayed from my planned topic of Christmas and how the remedies will help you feel calmer so I will just quickly jot a few down and a basic 'how it will help'
Elm is a good remedy to start with and an easy one to remember as it's written inside the emotion it helps,  'overwELMed'. It helps you to prioritise and get started on things that need done rather than wanting to hide under your duvet till New Year. It helps you realise that everything can't be done at once and to see the mountain broken down into more manageable mole-hills, to tackle one at a time.
Cherry Plum helps when you feel like your head is going to go 'pop' and you're going to 'lose-it'. Not a very helpful or nice feeling so this remedy helps calm the mind by turning the boiling down a few notches to a simmer so that you feel less pressured.
Impatiens helps those who feel impatient or against the clock. If you feel constantly under pressure from time (busy traffic, online shop not responding fast enough, slow cashier in M&S etc) it’ll help you understand that drumming your fingers, sighing or screaming ‘hurray-up’ are not going to help things go any faster and to just go-with-the-flow.
Beech helps those who feel intolerant. Perhaps you’re going to be spending time with relatives that really bug you? You can't stand the way she asks if she can be of help, constantly or perhaps how he guffaws at his jokes really grinds on you? Beech helps prevent you from wanting to slap them for their harmless habits or indeed, for just being themselves. (If you get pre-menstrual and it's due around Christmas-take this)
Holly, like the plant, helps all those spiky, jaggy, ouchy feelings of anger, jealousy, hatred and hurt. If you’re prone to taking your mother-in-laws comments personally, this is the one for you. It helps you to stop mind-reading (how can you know what they are feeling/thinking) helps give a truer perspective (she didn't mean that remark to be a dig at you) and also helps you to forgive yourself and others. If you are prone to getting angry at yourself for feeling angry (or any other emotion) this will help you let go of that anger.
There are also remedies to help, if this Christmas is going to be tough for other reasons, such as loss of some sort. That is another blog altogether but my love goes out to you.


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