Day 10-have you ever had chips, cheese and curry sauce?

Day 10-have you ever had chips, cheese and curry sauce?

Good evening,

For those of you who are reading this regularly and who know that I am doing this daily meditation routine in part, to change my relationship with alcohol, last nights words (posted a couple of minutes ago) make it sound like I am failing miserably.

Au contrere my friends. There is definitely a change in the way that I am thinking about my drinking alcohol and that is as big a step as I could have hoped for at this point. I am no longer beating myself up for having any and I have, on occassion just had the one glass-progress.

Having a few long Island Iced teas whilst out on a date with my husband seems like a perfectly acceptable thing to do-very enjoyable and more so because he was also having them (he rarely partakes-he'd rather have a tub of ice cream:-)

We stayed out chatting till the bar closed and then, of course, I had the munchies for some unhealthy food. Glasgow is just the place to find some at 1am and I chose (much to Bills disgust) a lovely little dish of chips, cheese and curry sauce. I mean, who would even think to put these things together ? Was it horrible ? Nope, I finished every last morcel-yum. It probably really helped to soak up the alcohol because I was fit as a fiddle when I got up to do my meditation at.....................9am. Long lie 'cause of the 2am bedtime.

Have done tonights meditation already as I am anticipating a very early night to catch up on my Zzzz. Plus I plan to get up sharp to do all my "routine" before my 9am client arrives.

I really do, at this point, recommend what I am doing. The smiles on my face are broader and more real, the giggles that bubble up are wonderful and there were at least a couple of "mascara-running" bouts of laughter, yesterday.

off to hang up the laundry-life still has its other routines, too.


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