Day 3-yippee

Day 3-yippee

Have you ever signed yourself up to do something and realised that there is a very long way to go? As I typed the title of todays thoughts, that's exactly the thought that passed through my brain. But hey, it wasn't a negative thought and it was not accompanied by a groan. It was merely a thought of the 'almost 6 weeks' of early starts ahead of me.

Surprising thing is that I have not needed to put my head down for a 3pm nap nor have I been going to bed any earlier PLUS I don't feel more tired at all............Mmmmm.

Very strange but in a wonderful sort of way.

I have exceeded my plan of meditating only in the mornings for this first week. I am managing to do 10-20 mins in the evening as well. Last nights was interrupted a couple of times by Bill and Alison opening the door and boy did it jangle my nerves. I really had to watch my reactions closely and observe the thought processes going on. I was initially livid that they would deliberately interrupt my quiet time, which toned down to I was angry that they would forget that I was not to be disturbed, which calmed down to the realisation that they had opened and closed the door in the middle of my meditation. On discussion with them afterwards about the interruptions I was told that they had been very quiet and that I usually was able to meditate with them around me. I had to explain that I felt their quietness to be very loud because I had been in my meditation and also that I had never meditated with them around me before. What they perceived as me meditating was actually me doing Reiki self-healing and I can do that in the middle of a busy shopping mall.

So, communication is good and the family now know that when I disappear to meditate I will tell them to not disturb.

My meditation instructions told me that, if there was an interruption, you need to do an extra few minutes to recover from it. When I read that, I remember thinking "nah, it will be fine" but having experienced the jangling of my nerves from being pulled out of my quietness, I was glad to have remembered the solution to unjangling them. And it worked. I returned to my breath after each disturbance and within a few minutes I was again calm.

Thank goodness for following the rules of the book and not just jumping into this 'cause there may have been some murder or mayhem in the Denham household last night from my personalising my family not caring about me enough to leave me in peace.

And on that note, I better get going. Today is one of my "cleaning" days and I'm due "at work" in a half hour.

Have a wonderful peaceful day,


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