Day 4 and looking forward to more.........meditation

Day 4 and looking forward to more.........meditation

I am remembering how much you can get done when you get out of bed at half 6. The last time I was regularly wandering around the house at that time of the morning was when Alison was wee and up at the crack of dawn. Parents of young children will probably not "get" the fact that I am choosing to skimp on my sleep because I sure wouldn't have understood it a few years back. That's the beauty of "middle-age" eh?

Anyway, this mornings lightbulb moment was that I function much better with routine. This meditation is a routine and it has got me out of my usual humdrum, sit-on-the-couch-for-at-least-a-half-hour-before-I-can-do-anything routine. That routine was one that was entrenched and I thought that I would never be able to break.

4 days in and it is gone-obviously it had to because it didn't fit in with my choice to meditate before the girls got up. If it had stayed, I would have had to get up at 6am to do the half hour "veg" routine before the half hour "med" routine and well, I am just not that keen to start my day that early..............yet. (Never say never :-)

It really is all about rewriting my own script, I think. Little adjustments in my life like the fact that I now put on handcream after I wash my hands are creeping in. You may think that handcream application is not something noteworthy but for someone who was lucky if she applied it at bedtime despite the fact that there is a tube at all the sinks (avons best, of course) it really is something of a huge development for me.

Mindfulness is helping me to pay attention to routines and resistences in a way that I haven't done before. It's like giving myself a running commentary on what I'm doing and that includes whilst i am typing right now. When there is a noise outside I am telling myself that there is a noise, identify it and them bring my attention back to this.

Who knows, perhaps that book of mine will finally get edited if the distractions disappear?

Well, got lots of bits and bobs to do for tonights stall at Leith Academy Community High School. It's a Diversity Day and I am not too sure of all that will be on display but feel good about the fact that I will be promoting not only myself but my very wonderful friend Lorraine. She has just been published and her book "Calm Kids" is full of helpful information on how to help children (from babies upwards) relax. Check it out on her website or on Amazon.

Have a fabulous day and remember to pause occasionally to pay attention.


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