Do you skim over an emotion because you don't feel comfortable feeling it?

Do you skim over an emotion because you don't feel comfortable feeling it?

Happy Wednesday and believe it or not it's only 8.11am. Not even got the dressing gown off and decided to just get typing-Go Hornbeam (which is the remedy for puting things off or feeling tired at the thought of doing something)

I was at a Bach gathering this past Saturday and it was great to be in a room full of people who were mostly Bach enthusiasts. Some people were brand new to the Bach Flower Remedies, however and we may have misjudged how the day would flow for them with no background to a lot of what was discussed. But they were there for a reason and they will have taken something of importance away with them and we, as the practitioners, have learned from their responses about what worked and what didn't.

It's the same for all that we do in life. We learn from what we do.....hopefully. But, if you find yourself in the same situation time and time again-yep, you've guessed it-there is always Chestnut Bud to help you to learn the lesson that life is trying to teach you. This remedy can also help with childrens non-learning and help them to remember not to keep doing something a certain way. I've been using it to try to curb my alcohol intake and it's helped me to see that the excess/abstinence cycle doesn't work and that moderation is the key. So it's back in the mix to see if I can be a bit more moderate as my love for wine can be well over my 14 units some weeks.

People think that because I am so involved in trying to help others to be all that they can be that I will automatically be doing it for myself. Nope.

It takes work and I am still learning to have patience with myself and that work. Also to not be resentful about it or to give up trying. I am very aware of my emotions now-something that I could never have said in the past. This does not mean that I have control of them. I still get angry, sad, guilty and fearful. But when I find that I've attached a story to those feelings and am holding onto them, I recognise this and take the appropriate Bach Flower Remedies.

We did a marvellous exercise at the weekend which involved looking at a list of words related to emotions. Various degrees of the same emotion eg content, happy, joyful were on the page and we were asked to identify with words that we were frequently likely to feel which translated loosely to identifying emotions that we were most comfortable/used to feeling. We were then asked to look at the words which identified an emotion that we didn't allow ourselves to feel and felt very uncomfortable with. It was fascinating to see these words on the page and to realise that you squirmed a bit when you examined whether or not you could "be" that word.

What the exercise was trying to do was to help us to see that there are certain emotions which we struggle with, probably stemming from when we were children, when we felt unable to express these emotions without consequences. An example of unexpressed anger being expressed as tearful was used to show that if we are uncomfortable with expressing an emotion we just skim right over it into one that is more comfortable. If someone feels that it is wrong to express their anger, they perhaps go into a "poor me" and cry or they will walk away or they will crack a joke.

Bach Flower Remedies can help you if you have difficulties expressing an emotion. If you have difficulty in saying no, they can help. If you lack the confidence to go for a new job, they can help. If you struggle to ask for help, they can help.

We are constantly on an emotional journey, learning new things about ourselves almost daily.

Acceptance of who we are right now is the best but not always easiest way forward. Accept your anger, lack of confidence, indecisiveness, worrying or whatever other "fault" you perceive and if you would like to be all that you can be by balancing out your "faults" then look at the Bach Flower Remedies and let them help you to enjoy your emotional journey-not just survive it.

Okay, so now it's off to get dressed. I'm meeting my sister for coffee-something that we need to set up regularly as we haven't seen each other for a couple of months which is shocking. I think that we know that our nearest and dearest will know that we love them and so they kind of slip down the list of priorities. But families, like friends, like any relationship, take work and commitment-speaking of which, the commitment in Chile to free those trapped-miners has been outstanding and this next day or two will hopefully see the fruits of all that love and determination to save the lives of those men.

Sending out prayers and positive thoughts to them and all of you reading this today,

Have a lovely week,


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