"Dunderheid Denham"-that's me (and proud of it!)

"Dunderheid Denham"-that's me (and proud of it!)

This one is for those of you who are getting stressed about Christmas! My question to you is WHY?

I know that we all want to get people nice gifts and eat some decent food on the day but this should not find us rushing about like headless chickens(or turkeys)

I've put on the christmas music to remind me what it's all about and it's about the happy feeling that you get when someone (especially a child) sings "Jingle Bells" and "Away in a Manger."   It is not about making sure that everyone thinks that you're wonderful because of all that you've accomplished for the big day! The only person that you need to be wonderful for is you!

If you're someone who is like how I used to be-take some Pine to help you remember that you're worth looking after first and foremost without feeling guilty and some Agrimony to help you to not give a hoot whether or not people think that you're wonderful!

My story of the week is my experience with Ali's main Christmas wish for inline skates. I ordered these for her online before I started to look for anything else......or had I????

I looked in my emails to find a confirmation because I was getting a little concerned that they hadn't arrived. No email that I could see...Mmm. And I have been organised, puting the "ordered items" into their own folder, so I thought that I'd log in and check out the status on the store website. My password wouldn't work and so I began to suspect that I had dreamed the whole episode of ordering and that I had not completed the process. This idea stuck in my head and I convinced Bill that we should go ahead and "re-order" them and left him to do so whilst racing to meet a friend for lunch (by then, with all my checking I was way behind schedule)

He re-ordered them and the confirmation mail came-Wew-thank goodness they were not sold out!!

You'll have guessed what's coming next, eh?

Next morning whilst looking for something completely different, I found the first confirmation......from a completely different store! With much haste, I called and mailed the second company to apologise for my cancelling my order but I had discovered that I had double ordered the item! They accepted the cancellation and again I said WEW!

Back to my original concern, though of "Why hadn't they arrived?" and so I mailed the company to see if they could track the order. Their reply stated that they had delivered the skates to a neighbours house several days ago!

Mmmm........."they did hand in a couple of parcels," I thought to myself. The packages were still sitting unopened in the hall. I had looked at the top parcel, when they were handed in and saw that it was from the welly boot company. As I was expecting 3 pairs, I had assumed that it was 2 of them. Obviously not 'cause on sheepishly checking them it was clear that the bottom parcel was from the skate company! ("ass you make out of me" by assuming had never made greater sense-oops!) 

Bill suggested that I just blame the neighbours but I had to take full responsibility and sent an e;mail explaining the whole silly story to Mary, in Admin @ the skate company. I told her to have a laugh at my expense-which she duly did (although "just a little one," she said) She thanked me for brightening her very long working day and wished me a merry christmas!

Moral of the story is to tell the truth, even if it makes you look a real "dunderheid" (my word for the week and one I've just re-discovered) You might just make someone smile who hasn't felt like smiling for a while and be able to laugh with them at something silly that you've done. Something that on another day might have made you tear your hair out!

Remember-we do silly or stupid things sometimes. It's not us who's silly or stupid and for those of you who are always saying negative things about yourself-STOP! Rephrase it so that it's the action that was negative and not you as a person.

We're all wonderful despite the silly stuff we get up to. Have a good laugh at youself when you try to get into someone else's car with your keys. Give a loud giggle when you drop your laundry in the mud and stand on it (before you notice it) so that it really does have to be washed again. Smile broadly when you realise that you've forgotten to send a birthday card to someone......and then phone them to say hello!

Bing is singing loudly in the background and I wish that I was still into "Christianity" because it seemed to make Christmas make more sense and more special-but that's a whole other story that I may or may not discuss in future blog.

Meanwhile, just in case I forget to log in on Christmas Eve (snigger-who me-forget!!??)) I wish all of you out there a very peaceful, happy Christmas.

Have a wonderful pre-christmas week and remember not to sweat the small stuff and to take care of each other,


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