Enjoy the little things whilst you can

Enjoy the little things whilst you can

Hi and Ho and here we go again. Almost 10pm and the temptation is there to curl up with my bag of peanut m&m's 'cause it's been a busy day. But isn't that great that I can have busy days?

I just have to think about my mum to realise how lucky I am to be able to run around like the preverbial blue-bottomed fly the way I do somedays. She would love to be able to and I know that she feels useless because she isn't abler to do things.Simple things that I take for granted like going to the shops for food (-actually, that's Bill's job these days) would make her feel wonderful. She didn't think that it was so wonderful when she was able to do it!

So to start with, this week, let's remember to be thankful for all of the mundane things that we are guilty of complaining about. Let's remember those people we know who are unable to do those tasks we find repetitive and a pain! Next time that you find yourself grumbling about puting on yet another load of laundry-step back and take a look at the colours of all the garments or see how white (or not) your white load is! Enjoy what you see because people like my mum rejoice when they see a glimpse of colour. When we had the unexpected snow, a few weeks ago, she was like an excited child because she could descern the large white snowflakes which were falling outside. I hugged her and we both were choked at the simplicity of her happiness. "I can see it" she cried! Just typing it brings back the emotion which I felt experiencing that moment with her.

Simple things! It's mothers day on Sunday and my mum said to me that she's had her mothers days and that I should just nip in and see her and for me to spend the time being pampered by my lot! The biggest gift that I can give to my mum these days is my time. So we'll have her here for lunch and some company which will get her out of the house and shorten her day! Shorten her day-how many of us need an extra few hours fitted into our day? Yet my mum's days are too long!

Seems like it's all topsy turvy doesn't it? Why can't I have the time she doesn't want? Why do I not need as little sleep as she does? Why does she have extra money now when she can't get out and spend it? Couldn't you pay higher tax later in life when you don't have the mortgage and the kids to clothe?

All very interesting thoughts, I think but I believe that it's because life is supposed to challenge us and if we had it easy all the time then we couldn't appreciate the easy bits when they appeared. Without "downs" we wouldn't know that there were any "ups"!!

I'll leave you to ponder that one!

On a totally different note-the walking has begun-not a huge amount but I've made a start and after stepping on the scales yesterday, I better step it up (she says whilst popping the last m&m into her mouth!) The last time I was this heavy was when I was very pregnant!!!!!!!!! Still, it's just a number, albeit a huge one for me! I probably wouldn't bother too much if it was not for this roll around my middle that folds over my jeans-ugh! Now that's new and I know that hormonal changes at my age do wonders for the growth of this pilsbury lookalike but it's uncomfortable. If it wasn't, I wouldn't be so bothered. Does this mean I need to start buying more things with elasticated waists???????? I do have a few things of that variety already (very comfy) but I am dismayed to think that I will have to give up my jeans if I can't persuade this thing to stay inside my waistband! It's probably just natures way to get me to realise that I am not a spring chicken any more and for me to stop borrowing my daughters clothes!

But, with any luck and all my training, I'll hopefully be able to keep wearing my jeans for a bit longer. I had planned wearing them right to the bitter end. I'll be the 90 year old in the Levi stretch jeans at the hairdressers getting my cut and colour done-perhaps even a blue-rinse to match my jeans??

Anyway-not a single mention (prior to this one) of the Bach Flower Remedies and that's the way it's staying this week folks.

Sending out love and light to you all and hope you have a fab week,






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