Finding my voice.

Finding my voice.

Happy Wednesday and I hope that this finds you all in good spirits as we head towards yet another couple of weeks of school holidays! Seriously, did we ever get this many days off school? It doesn't and never really has affected me too much how many holidays my kids get but for parents who work full-time and don't have family around to help out-it must be a nightmare!

Yes, our young people do need time to recharge and I know that by the summer, mine are needing a break from their brain. Who exactly works out how much time they need off, though? 6 or 7 weeks in the summer would be okay if we really had the weather for them to be outside every day, enjoying it. I seem to remember, as a kid, that the summers went on too long and I was glad to get back to school. Is my memory a bit skewed? I don't even know why I started to rant on about the holidays-it just came out!

My big thing this past week was going along to a fantastic workshop to help you find your voice! Now for those of you who know me well, you'll be thinking that was wasted money because I never have any trouble using my voice (and for extended periods at that!) But, being incredibly shy (and yes, you all think that I kid on this point) I find it difficult to speak in public and certainly to sing in public!

By the end of this workshop, I had to sing solo in the presence of my friend and the 2 tutors-EEK!!

Talk about an adrenaline rush and the fight or flight response-wow! And my problem is? I still worry about not being good enough or worth listening to. I still worry about being judged despite my belief that nobody has the right to judge me except myself! I still feel embarrassed at the thought of people looking at or listening to me because "why would they?"

I think that I need to put myself on some Larch (for my self-confidence) and some Pine (for my self-worth) Both of which seem to be needing a little bit of bolstering because of feelings coming up this week.

Despite this, I have done some "sound-healing" with 3 sessions of Reiki since the workshop. The first twice were with my hubbie (who didn't laugh but did feel a wee bit embarrassed and uncomfortable with the first session) I am grateful to him for always being my guinea pig! The 3rd session was with a client, who (God Bless her) is always open to anything and was up for the experiment, last night! She felt quite emotional (and not because my voice was that bad!) and that the sound was being absorbed at the specific points over which I sang.

Sound Therapy is new to me but I can see its logic and the simplicity of using its healing properties. Using various analogies, the workshop leaders had me understanding frequencies within a few minutes which my high school physics teacher had failed to do in 5 years!!!!!! Admittedly, Anthar was far easier to listen to than my bespeckled teacher, Mr Squires, who had eventually given up on my ever listening to him! I simply was not interested, as a teenager, to why humans were able to hear only at certain frequencies. I was much more interested in finding out who was dating who and why!

If any of you are interested in finding your voice (I've been singing/humming and la-la-ing all week) I would highly recommend one of the tutors workshops. Suzanne doesn't seem to have a website but Anthar can be found at where some of the joint workshop-dates can be found.

I plan to go along to another one myself and to investigate further, this new tool for healing.

My weekend was incredibly busy as I did the school-fair teas, on Saturday morning and raced down to Indigo Silks Open-Day for the afternoon. Both were incredibly busy but fun and I sat down to watch the Scottish Rugby victory tired but happy.Check out if you are looking for something interesting to learn or a therapy to help your wellbeing.

This weekend should be quieter but I am doing a free Bach Flower Remedy talk at the Gillis centre in Marchmont, if anyone would like a wee bit of info on Dr Bach's wonderful healing system. You can book to come along @ Feel Good Therapies is another great place to look if you're trying to find something interesting to learn and Lorraine also runs where you can find loads of "vetted" therapists to help you maintain your wellbeing-including me!

Lorraine has organised a Reiki-swap for us Reiki-healers to help each other feel better, after my talk on Sunday morning. It's a great way for us to have a wee tune-up!!

Well, I think I'll finish up and go look at how I can begin editing that book of mine-EEK! Perhaps I'll just do some hoovering instead-much less brain-power required.

Till next week, then-Bye, Bye and have a great one,


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