From Scaredy Cat to positive thinking.

From Scaredy Cat to positive thinking.

Happy Thursday :-)
What about this heatwave ? Positively balmy, yesterday, here in Edinburgh. I actually had to turn off the heating on Tues evening (we had given in and were using it for a couple of hrs at night) and I am noticing that it might have to go off, this morning (it's on, for an hour, to take the chill off) as I am warming up as I write.
Of course, that might just be a hot flush, brought on by my first cup of coffee, which is not unusual and can actually be welcomed in the middle of winter :-)
I am off down to the Bach centre, this Monday, to be trained to teach the level 2 course. I am really looking forward to it, especially as Bill is going with me. Not to the actual course, of course but he is travelling with me and will be there in the evenings.
The reason for him chumming me is that the last time I was at the Bach centre, for my level 1 trainer-training, I was a basket-case. From the minute I set foot in the garden I wanted to come home. I don't know how many remedies I took, to try to calm me down but I was so out-of-sorts that I couldn't work out how I was feeling ;-(
So, booking to do this level 2 was a big deal and I was scared that I would respond the same way to my visit and asked Bill if he would go with me.
That was a few weeks back and I hadn't actually booked anything because he hadn't said a definite yes. Do you know that the price of accommodation more than doubles, when you don't book in advance ? eek. Added to that, the price of fuel meant that the estimated diesel cost, for my trip was £150-ouch.
However, hubbie to the rescue, with totally different head on, checked into using airmiles for flying to London and renting a car and we're doing just that. And, because we're flying into Heathrow, he found accommodation, coming from the South, half the price of the one that I was looking at-yipee.
Thank goodness for his wonderful male thought processes. I thought that my "free" training was going to cost me an arm and leg but now, it's a very low cost mini-break, thanks to Bill.
The other bonus is that I am no longer scared of going to the course. I have been using Mimulus, for known fear, which is also my type remedy (I am a big scaredy cat) and it has taken away the fear of a repeat performance.
I am also taking Water Violet, for my inability to approach people, not from a place of shyness or lack of confidence but from a place of feeling "different" and a bit like an "alien"
When I feel like that, I want to withdraw from everything and everyone and by taking Water Violet I can help myself to join in with the world, offering my talents to everyone. I
Will keep taking this mix all the way through next week along with Walnut, for protection and change and I am ordering that I have a wonderful time away. Positive thinking at its best.
This week has been a busy week but a wonderful week. I keep asking the universe to send me more of what I love and what I am supposed to be doing and it seems to be listening-thank you :-)
Hoping that you all might try some cosmic ordering, to believe that you do have some control of what comes next.
Much love to all,

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