Having courage and taking responsibility for your life.

Having courage and taking responsibility for your life.

I had planned to write this after lunch but the computer has been playing up and I've wasted hours trying to get it to run properly-all to no avail :(

However, it's just a computer and its malfunctioning is merely an inconvenience. So there endeth my moan.

Why is it so easy for people to go off-on-one because of a "thing"? Happiness does not come from "things" it comes from the ability to smile inwardly when something doesn't go our way, knowing that getting our preverbial knickers-in-a-knot will not help the situation and indeed will often make it seem far worse. If we can simply take an emotional step back, to look at a problem, we would spend our days in a far calmer state of mind.

Using as an example, myself on this past Monday night, I went to see "Here comes the girls" with my girls, my sis and my neice. We had fairly decent aisle seats, out to the right of stage and in row Q. We were even lucky enough that the 3 seats in front of the wee ones stayed empty for the whole show, which meant that as soon as everyone stood up (at Anastacias invitation) from the 2nd song in, Ali and Mhairi could actually see some of the action. I wasn't quite so lucky and spent the beginning of the first half weaving and bobbing around like a boxer trying to see how great Lulu looked on stage. The second half found me resigned to the fact that I had no clue why people were cheering or laughing and consoling myself with the fact that the singing was fantastic and to enjoy it.

After the intermission I found myself yet again straining to try to see some of the action. My inner voice was beginning to lose its calm and I knew that I was going to end up in a very bad mood unless I did something to change my experience. So I moved seat. Simple as that. I took myself out to the aisle and stood there, beside Ali, for the second half of the show. My view of the right hand side of the stage was limited but as most of the show took place centre stage, I was much happier about having spent a significant amount of dosh on the tickets.

I know that a restricted view of the performers is a risk you take, when going to a concert. You can never predict the size of the person whole have the ticket for the seat in front of yours. The girl in front of me wasn't even any bigger than me but she had bigger people in front of her so she had to move herself back and forward to see which, as you can imagine, happened at exactly the same time as I was trying to see between her and the persons on either side of her.

Back to my point, (of which there was one-honest) I could have ended up in a seriously bad mood, blaming the girl in front of me for obstructing my view and spoiling my night. I felt those very thoughts rising up inside of me. Luckily, I recognise now that I am the only person that can make me angry. All the "stewing" in the world would not have improved my view and so I looked for a solution (okay, I was a bit slow and should have done it during the first half of the first half) and stopped the bad mood in its tracks. Thank goodness for the emotional awareness I have grown through my use of my Bach Flower Remedies and my Reiki. Years ago I would have stayed where I was with my head feeling like it was going to explode from trying to remain calm about the situation. Why? Probably because I would have just laid blame, rather than look for a solution. I also think that I would have been too scared to move in case people thought that it was a bit cheeky of me to do so. Taking responsibility and having courage are two major learning experiences for me during this lifetime and at times can be hugely difficult to overcome. Willow, for feeling like a victim and Mimulus for feeling shy and scared are two remedies that I have used often, to help me get a handle on moving forward. I think that my chronic back-pain even joined in the "poor-me, fear-factor" life that I used to live.

Now, thankfuly, I am able to recognise my fears and resentments when they step forward and I know that I can help myself to be happy again, rather than drown in fear and self-pity, ending up with a sore back.

I may add to this later but there's a Drop-in tonight for Bach and so I'll sign off in case the doorbell goes "Ding-Dong"

Wishing you all a wonderful week, where you recognise the bubbling emotions that may cause you a problem and do something about them.

Love to all,


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