Healing Crisis and breaking the habit!

Healing Crisis and breaking the habit!

I've had a couple of clients this past week who have suffered a little bit of a healing crisis and although this is a scary place to find themselves, I'm hoping that I've managed to dispel any fears they have around their situations. Having had healing crisis myself, on more than a couple of occasions, I know that it's not fun. One time in particular, I felt like I'd been whacked across the head with a baseball bat and another involved my being almost unable to get out of bed because of the pain in my back! Luckily for me, I had already begun to believe that sometimes healing can have a seemingly negative effect before the bigger positive responses happen and I accepted that once I was through the pain, I'd have come quite a distance in my healing process.

However, having palpitations in the middle of the night or feeling totally overwhelmed in your work-place are not a walk in the park! They can leave you feeling scared and embarrassed and worried about what will happen next. My experience with a healing crisis is that what comes next is pleasantly surprising and will allow you to reflect on the pain experienced as being more than worthwhile. The biggest steps forward, for me, have been preceded by my most painful moments. Moments when I felt that I was not strong enough to keep going and wanted to withdraw from any and all of my responsibilities.

I still have days like that! The difference now is that I accept them and don't spend any time beating myself up for them. I used to think that I should be stronger, should be tougher, should be braver, should be able! Why?? If you spend a lot of time with the word "should" running around your head then the remedy Pine is a great one for you. It helps you to cut yourself some slack and to feel less guilty for things you perceive to be your responsibility. Once something is done it cannot be undone. That is to say that we cannot turn the clock back. If we hold on to feelings of "should have" we are unable to enjoy the day that we are now living. Pine helps you to let go of guilt and to allow you to accept that you, as much as everyone else, are deserving of good things. It may not work instantly for feelings that have been around for a long time but it will gently balance out your feelings of being unworthy and help you to give praise to yourself for a job well-done!

Teaching the Bach level one, just now, is a great reminder to me of the value of the remedies in everyday life. Sometimes as a practitioner, I forget to look after myself and teaching helps me to step back and see where I am failing to walk my own talk! I am energised when I teach about Dr Bach and his healing system because I am my own proof of his philosophy. I forget this fact, periodically when I get caught up in the business of life and I neglect to use the remedies in ways that I know they can be used to help me.

Our quarterly Bach meeting is a great way for us practitioners to talk Bach and to remind/teach each other about all the wonderful uses of the remedies. We are forever surprised at the perfect-timing of a discussion about a remedy that one or more of us is in need of!

Chestnut Bud is the remedy which helps us to break habits and to end repetitive behaviour-stopping us from making the same mistake over and sometimes over again. That's the one that I'm now taking since Mondays meeting and we'll see how it goes! Reason? Well, I've found my alcohol consumption steadily increasing over the past few months and it is very much a repeat of what happened in 2006 and 1980 (and one other time which I can't exactly date) I have no "off-switch" when it comes to alcohol and so I find myself  having to give it up completely, rather than cutting down. When I reach that decision it's easy to stick to. I choose to stop and I don't look back! 1980 saw no alcohol for 5 years. 2006 saw no alcohol for 3 years. Maybe 2010 will see me give up all together-who knows?! Perhaps with the help of Chestnut Bud I'll learn what this "addiction" is trying to tell me and be able to have a glass of wine occasionally without needing to drink the whole box!

As the anniversary of my mums passing approaches and Andrew's flight is booked to go to Canada in 3 weeks time, perhaps I am subconsciously stressed? It will be interesting to see, once the month of June has passed, whether I will find that my desire for alcohol has also passed. Watch this space!

Well, I find that I've spent my day avoiding preparing my course-work for Sunday-how like me-tee hee!

Instead I've been trolling through apartments for rent in London as we will hopefully be spending a few days there in July! Alison went to guides and is now back again and I'm in exactly the same place-I'll regret sitting for so long when I eventually stand up. Oops-another use for Chestnut Bud. I know that sitting for long periods does me no favours so perhaps it will help me to remember not to!

On that note I'm going to say bye bye! My plan is for a very early night but the best laid plans...............

Much love to all and have a fab week,


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