Holly can help you to read Social Media minus the suspicion.

Holly can help you to read Social Media minus the suspicion.

Happy Wednesday,
It looks like I have had a lot to say, this past week or maybe I am trying to up the average of blogs I write in a year :-)
Social Media-good or bad? What do you think?
My feelings are very mixed as I can see positive aspects such as keeping in touch with friends all over the world, promoting your business, networking to expand your visibility etc.-all good stuff.
On the downside though, I have experienced second- hand, the powerful, negative feelings that a posting on yours or someone elses facebook page can provoke.
Often (but unfortunately, not always) the words are written without malice. The problem occurs because they are misunderstood or personalised by the reader.
It's not the first time that I have been asked, by an irate friend, to read the posting which has wound them up, to discover and then explain to them that the words do not say what they told me they did.
Perception is a very weird thing and can be very destructive. When you read something from your own angle and own insecurities you will find what you think that you will find.
Just this week, I've had to administer Holly to counteract the hurt/anger and suspicion that can be present within us all and can cause a meltdown about something that doesn't exist. The great danger of these feelings is that they can provoke us into responding vehemently to something which is actually innocent, which in turn will likely cause the situation to spiral into a full blown conflict.
Holly balances out the negative feelings and clears the way to read the words as they are, on the page, no emotions attached. No suspicion as to why they were written. No reading into the words, things that are not there.
I wish that every household had all 38 Bach remedies sitting in their front room, like mine does but if I could choose just a select few for them to have, Holly would be one of them.
The most negative, horrible feeling of Hate can be transformed into that of its opposite-Love and that is why I love Holly.
So, in the coming days please remember that all may not be as it seems and if you are feeling hurt and angry or are full of suspicion or envy-get some Holly and aim for Love instead.
Much love to all,

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