Holly, Holly and more Holly-let go of anger.

Holly, Holly and more Holly-let go of anger.

This blog seems to be developing into a fortnightly thing, doesn't it? Not intensionally, honest-it's just that it seems to come last on the list of things to do-something I've already stated numerous times, of course. Did I tell you that I love to write? Wouldn't you then think that I would have this blog at the top of my "to-do" list?

Sometimes the things closest to our hearts get neglected for the "bigger picture" which, in my case, would be my family life. More and more, I realise that I love this job of mum and wife and that the longings of my heart (to write and to heal) are really secondary to that, at present. I was given the gift of being in a horrible emotional place so that I could discover the Bach Flower Remedies. Not literally discover them 'cause that was Dr Bach's job but to be brought to them and experience the miraculous healing powers of these little remedies. In turn, I have been able to use them with those who mean the most to me, in my life and to help them to navigate life with more confidence, humour and understanding.

Holly is the remedy for those who have anger, suspicion and envy. That's it's basic description. Looking deeper into Holly, it is a remedy that many of us need without recognising the emotions that it will help.

I mean, who wants to admit to plotting revenge or hating someone? It sounds like you're a pretty unlikable person if you're needing Holly. But you're not.

I use Holly when people are imagining what is causing another person to be less than amicable towards them. The imaginings are most often wrong in their perception and if a person can stop mind-reading, they change the whole way they look at a situation.

As an example, I used to imagine that my husband was in a bad mood with me because he was quiet and withdrawn. Obviously, I had done something to cause him to go off to Asda on his own, without inviting me along as he usually did. There is the suspicion-but it has taken on a life of its own which usually led me to withdraw from him, compounding the fact that we were not communicating. Taking Holly would have stopped me wondering whether or not he was doing something for any reason and to see the situation "He wanted to go to Asda and had not asked me along" as it was, without adding anything to it. I could then have asked if he was okay and wanted company or gone about my day.

Another example is the "flicking of the light switch" moments, that I've had. Those are the instants when I go from loving my hubbie intensely to wanting to stick a knife in him and they happen in a split-second. They happen because I have felt hurt and angry by something he has said or done. I have personalised it and made it about me as a person rather than stepping back and looking at the action or statement causing the reaction.

Holly helps you to see things as they are without all the negative drama that we often make up around situations. It helps us to not react in a defensive way because it felt like we were being stabbed-the "being stabbed" feeling will not be there.

Holly is a lovely remedy to help children and teenagers have an easier time with their friends. Often there are situations in which the signals are all mixed up and everyone concerned thinks that the other person is out to get them. Holly can help to normalise the perception and often the feedback I receive is that the person who was previously a source of angst is now being much nicer. Translation=the person was always being like that-the previous perception was wrong.

So, use Holly abundantly, when you are feeling hurt and angry. Use it often if you find yourself mind-reading that someone is doing something just to get at you. Give it to your kids and teens if they are experiencing sibling/peer rivalry and when they are feeling envious of what others have.

This is just a wee blog 'cause I started it on Wednesday and I wanted to post something. Something hopefully worth reading and helpful.

I love Holly (my niece has this name and I love her to bits too) with all it's little subtleties. It's positive aspect is LOVE and I'm all for loving everyone. Life's too short and wonderful to hold grudges. Don't think that you have to make people know that you're still angry with them-it's a waste of your precious energy. Tell them how you feel/felt, take Holly till your anger is gone and BE HAPPY:)

signing off with love,


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1. Anjana Sahney Thakker wrote:
Love It
Thank You so much

Mon, October 4, 2010 @ 7:30 AM

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