Hot Flushes and Bach remedies!

Hot Flushes and Bach remedies!

I think that I blinked and missed wednesday last week! On Thursday, it dawned on me that I had not posted a blog and I actually was astonished that Wednesday had been and gone! I did have an incredibly busy couple of weeks, I have to say and if one more person says how tired I look, I think that I will have to go and have an extreme makeover!! I had my hair colour changed last week and I think that I may have to go with some face make-up (-EEK 'cause it's something that I don't do) 'cause I know that it might take the pasty-faced look away!

I've just had a lovely Reiki session and didn't want it to end because I was somewhere very far away and peaceful. I must make a mental note to have a session every couple of weeks from someone because it was fab' and I know that it will do me the world of good. I'm great at talking the talk but not so great at walking the walk. However I have also made up a new remedy bottle to try to get rid of my hot flushes and tiredness.

Impatiens always seems to work for me, to stop my hot flushes. I need impatiens permenantly for my nature anyway (I think I've already confessed to that!) and that's probably what my stressor is that makes the adrenaline flow and the hot flush follow straight behind.

I use Walnut for protection from other peoples energies and it doubles for my changing body and hormones as it is the remedy to use for changes of any kind.

Scleranthus is the remedy for decision-making but I also finds that it helps me to stop jumping from one thing to another and to balance out my moods and energy output.

These 3 remedies seem to be permenantly in my mix and I notice a difference, if my bottle remains unfilled for any length of time.

Usually with Dr Bach's system, once a remedy has worked it's magic it can be put aside. Hormonal imbalances seem to be one of the few times that this doesn't follow. I suppose that because of the constant shifting of hormones going on during menopause, pregnancy and adolescence, you can't stop taking the helpful remedies till the hormones are settled.

Interestingly, we discussed the use of the remedies for physical symptoms last night at our practitioners meeting and we all agree that we're still treating the emotional and in doing so it's helping the physical. As I use the remedies constantly, I am always noticing different links with certain remedies to specific physical symptoms. As a practitioner, I would never assure anyone that I could help a physical symptom but I sure would be happy to help them feel better emotionally and be curious to see whether or not their physical symptoms improved as an added bonus!

If you're reading this and thinking that you have a physical pain/condition and could the remedies help?

Ask yourself how you feel emotionally. Ask yourself how you'd like to be emotionally. Ask yourself whether or not you'd like to be more relaxed, more confident, less critical, less scared. Ask yourself if you're bored, resentful, tired or whether you're able to make decisions, switch off the tape going round in your head.

It might just be that by looking at and changing things you are unhappy with emotionally, you may find that your eczema, asthma, high blood pressure, palpitations, backpain or whatever, lessens or disappears!

Hopefully speak to you all next week (if Wednesday doesn't sneak past me.) Have a wonderful one!


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