How I know my friend is still close by.

How I know my friend is still close by.

Happy Sunday,

I wrote this on Friday but never got around to posting it. It was important at the time, to write it and so I'm still going to post it. Lxx

I am writing this whilst feeling like I want to send out love and positive thoughts to all those who have touched me in my life.
I know that the majority of those who have changed the direction of my thoughts, if not my path in life, don't even read this but to me, at this moment, that is unimportant.
Most of those who I wish to thank the universe for sending me are women who I have felt inspired by. Some of them are no longer with us and perhaps I am feeling sentimental as I sit here or perhaps they are gathered close by and that is why I feel like I want to share the love that I am feeling from them.
Just because a loved one is no longer with us on this earthly plane, it does not stop them from helping us or prevent us from feeling their love.
I had a very dear client, who died almost 2 years ago and I still feel her love and support some days. I know that she is close when I smell the fragrance of the "aromastix" she gave me for Christmas 2009, not long before she passed. The stix have long since lost their aroma but I have never felt like dispersing with them, from my front room, where I work with clients. When I smell their fragrance, which should be impossible, I know my friend is close and lending me her support and love.
Perhaps you have something strange that happens to you regularly and you don't know why it happens?
Accept that it is a gift from this big wonderful universe of ours and like me, smile and say "Thank you" when it happens.
Have a lovely weekend,

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