I'll get there at some point-balanced in all ways!

I'll get there at some point-balanced in all ways!

Happy Wednesday to you!

I for one was glad to see a little bit-okay, a lot of rain falling over this last couple of days. The gardens needed it as it has been a pretty nice April, don't you think? For the pessimists out there, I catagorically state

"That was not our summer-there will be lots more sunshine"...and you can quote me on it!

Our ever-lengthening practice-walks have been really lucky with the weather. Only a couple of times have we had to grin and bear it and quite correctly, an author I read recently wrote

"There's no such thing as bad weather-just inadequate clothing!!"

I do have to say that living beside the sea can produce some gobsmacking effects as I saw a couple of weeks ago. I had nipped into the local swim centre to use the facilities. It's on the prom' and it was a beautiful morning mid 5 mile walk when I went in. When I walked back out approx 3 minutes later I thought that I had been for a trip in the Tardis because the "Har" was covering everything and there was no sky in sight-never mind a blue one!!

In case anyone reads this that is not from Bonnie Scotland, the East coast of this lovely wee country has an unfavourable habit of covering the seaside with a chilly mist that swirls around and blocks out the view of things very close to you!

My best recollection of this "Har" is on a visit to the beach with Andrew and Jennifer when they were 6 and 4, in the middle of July! (Ali's arrival was imminent!) It should have been a safe bet that it would have been warm enough for our picnic but we were freezing after a short while in the swirling mist and ended up going to Grandads (5 minutes away) to eat our picnic on his floor!!

The incredible thing about this "har" is how it can stay all day over our house (which is a 10 minute walk from the beach) and yet 5 minutes up the road the sun is blazing down on everyone.

A tad frustrating, don't you think??

You'll be glad or jealous to know that I have lost 7lbs in the last several weeks. I've only got another 14ish to go to fit comfortably into all of my summer gear. The walking is obviously the key as I'm still munching on the Thai Chilli crisps but I do think that there is a little bit less munching going on.

Plus, with the warmer weather, I'm prone to eating less comfort foods during the day. I've not had peanut butter toast for a couple of weeks now and have been having fruit and granola for breakfast.

I've yet to add an additional activity to my excercise schedule and suspect that I really need to get going with some yoga or pilates. My back has settled down again but it is still stiff as a board for the most part and I need to get supple. For what, you ask????? I'm not telling!!

Bill's doing fantastic with his excercise and eating and has very obviously shed many pounds. Men are different when it comes to losing weight in that they don't feel the need to jump on and off the scales 10 times daily. He's only weighed himself once since he began his getting fitter a couple of months ago. He knows it's happening and that's enough. Me?? I need the proof and will need to change the battery in the scales soon!

I'm still working on the grasping of doing what's good for me-like not eating so many crisps. If I could adapt my "not drinking alcohol 'cause it's bad for me" thought-process to my eating and exercise, it'd be easy.

Why do we do things that are bad for us?? For the most part we are all intelligent people but when it comes to doing things that are good for us, we can have a mental-block.

Exercising too much can be as unhealthy as not enough. Eating not enough can be just as unhealthy as overeating.

Balance is the answer, isn't it. And you know how I go on and on and on.................yes, about how the Bach Flower Remedies can help with emotional balance!!

I shall at some point adjust the remedies I mix for myself to help me with my exercise/eating/general looking after myself. Perhaps I'll get to them after I'm finished balancing out the hormones, the lack of confidence, the guilt, the resentment, the apathy, the..............

Baby steps and one step at a time and I'll get to it eventually. One day I will wake up and resolve to be the kindest to myself and my body (inside and out) that I could ever be.

My hope is that I don't then discover that I'm in heaven!!!!!!!!

Okay, Dokay-that's it for this week with my hope that you'll now be a little kinder to yourself. We all know that we treat ourselves with things that are actually bad for us and we need to look at ways to reward ourselves in ways that are more helpful and healthy.

I'll try to think of some and I'll keep you posted as to how my crisp-intake is going!!


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