I'm not really teaching-just reminding people of thigs they didn't know they knew

I'm not really teaching-just reminding people of thigs they didn't know they knew

Happy Monday,
I hope that you all had as wonderful a weekend as I did.
It was busy but full of hope and inspiration.
As I watch my children grow, I am so proud to have had them choose me as their mother. They astound me with their knowledge and independence and their awareness of their emotions. Watching and listening to them manage their lives is a huge gift to me. Knowing that their lives are their own and stepping back to observe what they choose for themselves is fascinating, if a bit difficult and scary at times.
I know that the only reason that I am able to stop myself interfering is because I have Reiki and the Bach flower remedies in my life.
I helped my wonderful friend and Reiki Master, Lorraine to teach her Level 1 Reiki yesterday and was so full of love and admiration for both her and the 5 students we were guiding towards self-healing.
I remembered how scared and lost I had felt when I was brought to my Reiki journey and I did feel very blessed to be able to now share my experience, knowledge and support with others.
I noticed the massive difference. In myself from being in a similar teaching situation when I did my Reiki teacher training. At that point 2 years ago, I was terrified to do the same things that I yesterday volunteered to help with.
Being able to share with people, who are new to Reiki, exactly how scared and lost I used to feel is my gift to them.
The phrase
"Been there, done that, got the T-shirt" can be really helpful for students to hear from their teacher.
Often, as teachers, we get placed up on a pedestal for appearing to be "together" or "unflappable" or "serene" but we are the same as every other human being. We still experience anger, fear, doubt, jealousy, suspicion and all the other emotions that Dr Bach gave us remedies to balance.
Perhaps the difference between the teacher and the student is the earlier-remembrance of knowledge that is available to all of mankind?
Is our job, as teachers, simply to help others to remember, when it is the right time for them to do so?
One of the students didn't make it along to the course, yesterday. Is that a sign that she perhaps wasn't ready to remember what we were teaching?
Of the students who were there, I felt a great sense of them definitely being ready to hear what we had to say (and more)
Have you ever had a book on your bookshelf, that you have never been interested in reading, when all of a sudden you decide to read it? And within its pages you find words that make easy reading and perfect sense?
It has often happened with me and I no longer believe that I am being taught by anyone. They are merely reminding me of information that I didn't know I knew.
And this is always done when the time is right for me to remember.
So, following on from that, Lorraine and I were merely reminding yesterdays students, of information they already knew :-)
And my Bach teaching for the next 6 weeks?-same thing.

The only blip on my weekend was the Scotland rugby score.
I managed to avoid the score and watched the game last night at 9pm, on my own, full of "oh no'"s.
My husband and I had a discussion, when he popped in for his break at 10.30. We have to agree to disagree as so often is the case.
He, being a "realist" and not a pessimist (his words) already has Scotland coming home this weekend, as I am sure that a huge part of the Scottish supporter also does (and perhaps some of the team themselves)
Me, the eternal optimist believes that the story is yet to be written. But, in my beliefs, I also believe that we create our own reality and that if enough people believe in a certain outcome, it will materialise.
So, come on people. Make the glass half full and it will make for a much happier week and possibly the miraculous results that we need.
I believe that Scottish people find it incredibly difficult to "shine" and it is seen time and time again in sport. We don't want the other guys to feel bad or have them think that we are "full of ourselves"
How many times do we JUST miss winning BIG.
I think that we are masters of self-sabotage (me included)
In this coming week, how about we all believe that the impossible is possible. Not just "hoping" but "believing" that the best will happen.
Today is a very good day but this day will pass. I believe that tomorrow will also be a very good day-join me.
Much love to all for this coming week,

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