I'm not silly-the mistake was :-)

I'm not silly-the mistake was :-)


Happy Sunday and in my little piece of home, the sun is STILL shining-yippee.
We have had an incredible last week of March with the temperature competing with out hottest days in July (if you look at our last few summers)
April is off to an equally sunny start, even if the thermometer readings are a few digits down.
I hav just lost th powr of my lttr that coms bfor f in the alphabet-oh, there it's back. That was very interesting, to try to phrase the thermometer readings differently from my intended 'degrees lower' when the E stopped working on my keypad.
One of those days. My kettle gave up the ghost last night and I had to boil my water in the microwave this morning until my very clever hubbie worked some magic.........
He changed the fuse in the plug :-)
Mmmm.......good job that I didn't stop off at the store on my way home from dropping Ali at her rehearsals. Debenhams have a sale on and I was going to nip in and get a new kettle-oops, that would have been premature.
It's the second time, in the last few days, that the kettle has complained about my handling of it. Alison says that it's my impatience and I guess that she's right. The kettle no sooner switches it's 'I'm boiling' light off and I am emptying it into my cup. The problem being, that I REALLY empty it and I think that the element goes in the huff because it's not even paused for breath but I'm refilling it and switching it back on.
I promise to pay more attention to my kettles needs because 'it has the power' -truly :-)
Sitting outside as I tap this out, it is definitely cooler than of late. Every time that the sun goes behind a cloud I want to rush in for a hoodie. Just like typical July weather in Edinburgh, really.
I wouldn't be surprised if there was a greater than average number of SAD sufferers in Scotland. That said, we had an incredibly 'bright' rather than 'grey' winter this year. Our weather is very much a standing joke to everyone and tourists are able to buy postcards to send home which refer to how bad it is.
Is bad weather bad for our emotional health ?
I think not but our emotional response to bad weather is.
Someone once said to me that
'There's no such thing as bad weather.........just inadequate clothing'
And I am inclined to agree with them but still have to remind myself that a 'rainy' day is just weather.
And that's the trick, I think, to maintaining our emotional health, with weather in mind or anything else that seems to 'cause' us to be upset. To remember that it's just 'a car', 'a job, 'a kettle', 'an argument', 'a football game', 'an illness', 'a missed bus'..............but we add a story to it and make it personal. We blame the event/thing/person for how we feel and it makes it easier to accept it but in the process we don't look at the 'button' that was pushed, that made us have an emotional reaction to the situation in the first place.
We all do it to a more or less degree. Happily, I do it far less than I used to
The 'old' me would have huffed and puffed about that kettle not working and would have taken no responsibility for it being my fault. Or perhaps I would have blamed bad luck or been really angry at myself for being stupid which would still have resulted in my being in a strop.
You'll be glad to know that none of the above took place this morning and, whilst I took responsibility for repeating an action which made the kettle malfunction, I did not thing of myself as stupid. I made a silly mistake..........again. The mistake was silly-not me :-)
Bill has told me that I need to take 'that remedy that stops you from repeating the same mistakes' and he may have a point :-) (Chestnut Bud is the remedy which helps us to learn from our repeated ‘trials’)
But, for now, I am using Pine as a solo.
My meditations seem to have flagged up my need to build up my self-worth and Pine is the remedy for those who never feel good enough.
Whilst I thought that I had dealt with this many times over, across my many years of Bach Flower remedy use, I find that I am amidst another layer of it.
It's origins are clear to me this time, though and that is why I feel the need to stick with Pine for a few days, to see if I can't shift the childhood inferiority complex which developed because I was not strong enough to stand up for myself, neither with my peers or with my parents. I also felt guilty if I was better than anyone else at something and so I got smaller and smaller to hide my talents.
Sure, I developed a false bravado, to over compensate but that became a pretty big noose around my neck over the years.
As an adult, I thought that I had dealt with the bullying behaviour that I experienced as a child and I did..........but I did so as an adult and not as a child.
Somehow, I have to look at the negative tapes that were written into my psyche, as a child and I have to rewrite them.
Meditation is one way of doing this. (I am doing 20 mins x 2 daily)
Affirmation is another (my current one is 'I am successful')
And of course I have my Reiki and my Bach remedies.
I use the Reiki each time I meditate, so that I am self-healing at the same time.
And I use my wonderful Bach box for whatever emotion needs balanced.

I was on a roll this morning with this but it’s now late and I want to post the bit I have done.
Who knows if I will come back to it or go off on a completely different tangent next time? Not me :-)

Much love to all for the coming week,

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