Join me in being positive with Bach flower remedies

Join me in being positive with Bach flower remedies

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I hope that you find yourselves in as wonderful a frame of mind this week as I do. My daughter must have been watching me peg up the laundry outside at the weekend and she commented on how happy I was looking. Can you imagine it ladies-I hope so, 'cause it is possible to be happily hanging out laundry and I am the proof. We can be pretty contented doing anything if we are in the right frame of mind and that's why I love the flower remedies. Now that I'm good at recognizing a negative emotion, I can nip it in the bud quickly with one of the remedies. A big part of the level 1 involves looking at your own emotions and matching up the remedies with them. It can be a difficult process to admit how awful you feel or how awful you are being to others and yourself but that admission is the beginning of the healing process for you. Once you recognise what's out of balance, you can set about balancing it and Bach Flower remedies and many other complementary therapies can do this for you.

I'm sure that some people look at me and think "wow, she's got it sussed-I wish I was just like her" (and yes, others think I'm a bampot and do I look worried???) What they fail to realise is that I am just like them. I just pick up on my off-days quicker and let them go, rather than battle against them which only serves to give the negative emotions more power. We are all a mixture of good and bad and we can't be good all of the time. What we can be is accepting of ourselves for our bad days. The days where we lose patience with our children or when we criticise everything our husbands do. The days when we've overindulged in the cake department despite our best dietary efforts and the days when we seem to accomplish nothing.

We need to be kind to ourselves on these days. Take responsibility for the choice we made and let it go.

Watching Anne of Green Gables with my girls just now, one of my favourite lines is from Anne

"Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it!"

And it is-always. You don't have to choose to stay in that huff just to prove your point-take willow

You don't have to say yes when you really want to say no-take centaury

You don't have to give up on your diet because you had a bad day today-take gentian

You don't have to criticise everyone and everything that's bugging you-take beech

Tomorrow is indeed a new day and to enjoy it we need to forgive ourselves and others for anything negative that happened today.

How many of you think that you have to carry on with the previous days behaviour because you'd seem a pushover or gullible or weird if you appeared at breakfast or work with a big sunny smile on your face after a major negative incident the previous day??

I used to-but no more. Don't dislike me for my positivity-join me in it. As I pointed out to my wee sis this morning, "if I can do it, anybody can" and I meant being happy!!!

Well, the hubcap is at work and the kids are just about all in bed and so I think I'll sign off and have a decaf and go get myself tucked in. I try to go earlyish when Bill's working so that I can keep my eyes open longer to stay with him when he's off. I love the time we spend together-it's like he's the glue in my present existence. But for those of you who may not feel so loving towards your other half.......I still have days where I have rage at him for not a lot of crime on his part. But I take Holly as I stomp up the stairs plotting how to kill him without anyone putting me in jail!! And the rage subsides and the love returns.......and it's indeed a miracle.

Bring some little miracles into your life-be kind to yourself and let those negatives go. Forgiving doesn't mean you are weak-only the strong can forgive and I know that deep down inside, you know that you are strong.

"toodles" till next week,


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