Ladder-holding and multi-tasking

Ladder-holding and multi-tasking

Multi-tasking this week involved holding a ladder whilst emailing/texting from my phone (so glad that I got the contract I have) and whilst reading the Porty reporter and the new Ikea catalogue. Plus I made sure that I had a supply of coffee for the job.

When asking my brother, who's painting the outside of the windows, "is this the apprentices job?" he informed me that he'd have the apprentice up the ladder and he'd be doing the holding at the bottom. My windows are pretty high and I initially was a bit fearful about him going up the very moveable ladder. He confessed he didn't like heights-eek-so I gave him a couple of doses of rescue remedy and put some Rock Rose in his coffee.....before he climbed the ladder for the first time. I had a couple of doses of rescue myself and did some Reiki for the whole situation, realising that my fear would not help be safe.

That was on Monday and so by today I was non-plussed about paying him no attention at the top of his ladder and he seemed to have adapted pretty well to the whole adventure, doing a great job.

The weather even held up beautifully, despite the doom and gloomy forecast. My Canadian relatives must have brought the warmth, although they would beg to differ as they shiver in these Scottish summer mornings and evenings indoors, without central heating. How come 20 degrees in Vancouver is far hotter than 20 degrees in Edinburgh?? Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

What else? My brain is a bit dull by this time of night and I probably should write in the mornings, rather than this late. In fact, I often plan to do just that and then life gets in the way and the evening is almost over before I've even logged into my website.

My website, my blackberry, my makes me sound very accomplished , don't you think and yet I'm so the same as so many other people, who like, me would say we're just ordinary folks using the extraordinary bits and pieces that a large proportion of the western worlds population have access to. Using my phone to send and receive communications other than regular phonecalls is something I doubted I'd ever sign up for. The only reason I got the blackberry is because it was free with my £15/mo contract and it would be handy to have on holiday to keep up with people, rather than having to find connections for the laptop.

But didn't that defeat the purpose of a holiday? In the good old days, I would have just gone and nobody would have heard from me for 2 or 3 weeks. Do we relax less now that we communicate whilst we are away? Some of us perhaps can, knowing that we are contactable if any emergency should arise. Some of us though can't because our work or children or parents will call us to tell us that something is wrong back home. Maybe we can help or maybe we can't. What we will do is spend the rest of the holiday worrying about it or we'll cut our vacation short to go help/fix the problem.

I used to say to my siblings to Not Call me, if my mum popped-her-clogs when I was away because I wasn't coming back. What would have been the point? She would have been gone and we would have had our holiday spoiled, which my mum would not have wanted. If the event had occurred when I was on holiday, would those rules have been put into play? I'm not sure and I'm wise enough to know that I talk a great talk but am notoriously bad at walking my talk :)

I try to never say "never"...but there, I just said it. I try to be open-minded but still find myself thinking that I do things a better way than someone else....but at least I'm aware of doing it and in that observation I know that I have no right to think that my way of doing anything is better than the next persons. I try to be open-hearted and yet I find myself keeping my love inside like a guarded piece of precious jewellery which I'm scared someone might steal..........though I'm down to it being a small diamond rather than the flippin' crown jewels.

We are all on our own little adventure called life and we just have to be aware of how we are feeling about how we are feeling. If we feel comfortable with how we are feeling, then we're on the right path but if we're feeling distinctly uncomfortable with the way we are feeling then we owe it to ourselves to somehow fix that feeling so that it feels right. So that we feel right......Now there's nothing wrong with that, is there?

Sending lots of love out into the night and hope that you all find a way to taking a baby step towards feeling right this coming week.


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