little newsletter to start me back-written yesterday:-)

little newsletter to start me back-written yesterday:-)

Happy ‘Back-to-School’ day, which for me also translates to ‘I have no excuses for not working’ day..............followed by a sigh.

Firstly, please let me know if you’d rather not receive these ‘newsy’ emails and I will remove your name from the group. I won’t be offended-lots of you have had no contact from me since my last newsletter which was...................sooooo long ago that even I can’t remember.

In brief, my house became very quiet when Alison went off to 3rd year at school this morning. Andrew and Jennifer are now off living life in Canada but don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s great that they are together...........they are a 4 hour plane ride apart. However, at least they only have a 2 hour time-difference and so can talk without it being a horrible time for one of them-a small bonus for Jennifer who has been hugely homesick. If it wasn’t for the Bach Flower remedies, I think she would have already returned home but her good days now outnumber her bad ones and I know that she’ll be great. The Bach Flower Remedies also help me to adapt and adjust to them being gone. Chicory is the most wonderful remedy to help you let your children/loved ones go without having any expectations of them. I used it hugely the first time Andrew left home and again when he decided to return to Canada to live, closely followed by his sister, who is trying it out for a year. I am not kidding you when I say that I am happy for their adventures and that I don’t sit around (emotionally) missing them. We all have our lives to live and it’s true that, if you love someone, you must let them go and Chicory helps you to do that, knowing that your happiness lies inside you-not with them. So, if you are ever feeling ‘needy’ and don’t want to, remember Chicory. Incidentally, Jennifer is also using Chicory (alongside Honeysuckle, for longing for the past and Walnut, to help her adapt to change) because she is feeling very needy of me

I continue to work as a Bach Practitioner and a Reiki healer and to also teach both therapies. I still love what I do and know that I am lucky in this respect. I have also discovered that I love helping people discover a bit of mindfulness through meditation/relaxation. I did a 6 week block of increasing daily meditations/affirmations/inspirational reading, which actually took me 10 weeks without ever managing to do the week 6 (something to revisit at some point) But, despite not completing the programme, it made such a big difference to how I felt that I wanted to pass on what I had learned and am doing so through Adult Education, which makes it accessible to loads of folk. I was a wee bit curious as to how I would manage with a bigger class (a dozen) but my fairly recent discovery of Larch (for confidence) made the class easy. Larch came to me in a lightbulb moment, in the Spring when I realised that my ‘self-diagnosed’ fear/shyness was actually a lack of confidence-not something I had recognised despite my vast use and knowledge of Bach. My usual Mimulus never fully took my quivering voice or nerves away but using Larch did-yippee. Knowing that the lightbulb was lit by daily meditations (having the word Larch keep coming along) and my affirming ‘I am confident’ 20 times daily (Mmmmm-if I was already confident, why would I need to affirm it ??) is a positive result to pass on to others who may be looking to understand their emotions better and it fuels my desire to help them to do just that. Even now, I am still on a journey of self-discovery with my Bach Remedies and I am looking forward to the next penny-dropping.

Gratitude is another tool that I have been using to help me to feel happier and more positive and it really works wonders. I begin my day by saying thank you, before I get out of bed.........even on the ugh mornings and goodness knows I still am not a morning-person. Saying thank you for every tiny good thing that happens just encourages more good things to happen and your attitude grows more and more positive. When I find myself getting pulled into a ‘what next’ negative spiral (you know, when 2 or 3 things have gone wrong?) I use the remedy Gentian which helps to break the negative expectation and returns me to being positive. I wish that everyone had the gift of remedies to lift them up when they are I really need to get on the road with teaching their benefits to as many people as possible. I have already just given a wee mini tut’ on 6 of the 38.

So, Courses that I know I am teaching for the fall and winter (so far)

Meditation/relaxation ‘Anyone can Meditate’ Sun mornings 11-12 noon from Sept 23rd at

Reiki Level 2 at Edinburgh Academy Junior School on Sun 16th Sept. Book either through or

Reiki Level 1 in East Edinburgh on Sat 27th Oct. Book through

Bach Level 1 (Calm for Christmas) in East Edinburgh on Fridays 9-12 x 4 weeks from 23rd Nov. Book through

And if anyone would like to learn Reiki, Bach or Meditation but my current dates don’t suit, Please get in touch via because I am happy to teach 1:1 or 2:1 and will set a date to suit.

Sending many positive thoughts your way on this lovely summer day and hope that this finds you in a good place. If not, remember that Bach (and Reiki and meditation) can help you to Enjoy life and that you are worth it.

Much love,
Lxx (Linsey)


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