Loads of stuff-just read it!!!

Loads of stuff-just read it!!!

Happy Friday and to those of you in the Edinburgh area-Happy September weekend.

As a family, we have never gone off anywhere at this time of year. I know that lots of families do and of course, lots of young people also head of for places like Blackpool for this holiday weekend. It's a place I've never been. In fact I've not really spent much time on the other side of the Scotland/England border.

You'd think that it was a huge deal to cross the border into England, the way I've just described it, when in reality you don't even know that you've left Scotland, apart from one little sign (or maybe 2) telling you!

As a youngster (actually, I'm still a bit like this) I felt it was a big deal crossing back into my home territory and it made me feel safer somehow.

We all have our comfort zones and our home or homeland is a big one of those. But there are places that we can go which feel like "home" when they are thosands of miles away.

Canada is one of those places for me-especially Ontario. Why is that? Is it because I lived there in some past life? That's my own personal belief for it and it makes sense to me considering all of the reading I've done in the past few years.

There's another kind of feeling like you've come "home" and that's when you meet someone new and feel instantly comfortable with them and feel like you've known them for forever. It doesn't matter how often or infrequently you may spend time with this person, it's like they just went into the next room for a while and you can continue the conversation however long they've been out of the room. I've already mentioned in other blogs about my friend Lynn, in Canada and how she and I know that we are connected in some cosmic way.

Since mum passed away, I feel that she and I are connected in some cosmic way, also. It is very much like she has stepped into another room and will be there for a while, waiting for me until I am able to go into that room to continue our conversation. Sadness creeps over me sometimes and at other times it hits me like a baseball bat over the head. At all times, though I know that she is with me and is just in that next room supporting and loving me as she always did but was unable to sometimes showme in life.

If you've lost someone dear to you, I am now able to personally give my assurance that the Bach Flower remedies are a Godsend in times of bereavement. Comparing my separate reactions to watching my parents pass out of this world and how I subsequently dealt with it, there is no comparison.

I avoided dealing with my fathers death for about 10 years and then it hit me between the eyes with a vengeance, although I was oblivious to the reason for my meltdown. Much counselling, antidepressants, ill-health and 3 children later, I came to the Bach remedies and finally seriously looked at my emotional health. Granted that my "mad years" were not just about my dad's death (I also had mega self-esteem issues) but I think if I had come to know of the Bach Flower Remedies before his death I would have been able to pass through the various stages of grief much quicker and fully.

When we are traumatised we sometimes don't realise the impact that it is having on us and we battle on trying to be strong and to persuade the world around us that we are not weak and are coping. We pretend even to ourselves that it hasn't really damaged us in any way. Often we are too scared to risk the pain of acknowledging the trauma in case it stays with us forever.

The opposite is true, though. If we don't let ourselves feel the pain when we should it wil stay locked inside our energy system until it manages to somehow work it's way out. Meanwhile it will cause all sorts of mayhem, either emotionally or physically.

Working with and teaching about the Bach Flower remedies and Reiki, I am always very excited for anyone who has just discovered their helpfulness in life.

I taught my first Reiki 1 course yesterday (reason for the blog being late this week because I spent hours and hours preparing the content) and it was brilliant to be able to pass on to the students what I know has helped me to evolve into this calmer, less judgemental tree-hugger!

I value all of the many friendships that I share with the people in my life. I am surrounded by people either leading the way for me or people following behind me and feel that we are all on the same journey, just at different point on the path. I no longer aspire to be anyone else because I am now able to see that it is my uniqueness that makes me who I am-not my "same-ness"

All of my friends are wonderful and my mission is to help those who don't believe it to do so! I listen to them all praising the others, with little praise for themselves. I am consistent in my trying to get them to see that their praise should begin with it being given to themselves.

I'm happy to be seen as the "whacky" one of the bunch because I know that I am rubbing off on them and that one day they'll have their own little group who'll be looking at them in just the same way as they presently look at me. They still love me and that's what's important-to be loved for who you really are.

So, if you are feeling out of sorts and suffering from low self esteem, get along to the nearest Bach practitioner or send me an email and get a consult with some remedies. They may just help you to attract people to the real-you and you too can become "bonkers" and incredibly happy like me.


Stil using the old keyboard and refusing to read over what I've written so hopefully any missing letters hasn't affected your reading of yet another gem from the brain of Linsey.




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1. Dens wrote:
Impesrivse brain power at work! Great answer!

Thu, January 10, 2013 @ 9:13 AM

2. Tom wrote:
Thanks for sharing!

I have worked with the Bach flower range for sometime. After some considerable research into Dr Emoto's - Memory Water Experiments, I have created a range of vibrational rescue remedy for dogs and people to help relieve underlying emotional issues, allowing light to flow.

Thu, July 18, 2013 @ 12:21 PM

3. rescue remedy for dogs wrote:
Thanks again. x

Thu, July 18, 2013 @ 12:22 PM

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