Love what you do or make changes.

Love what you do or make changes.

Happy August!

The sun is shining and I feel remarkably good about life. Strange to think that I wrote my last blog exactly a month ago. I knew that it would take me a while to get back into routine and hopefully this is a sign that I will resume all of the things that were going on in my life before mum passed away.......and more! The high for everyone today was exam results, especially for Jen who got as good as was possible for her Maths and English. Andrew was relieved that he did better than he'd thought and yet again led me to think of how brilliant a scholar he could be if he actually put in slightly more effort. But I have no legs to stand on in that department because I was exactly the same at his age!!

I feel inspired, since coming back from 3 busy weeks in Florida. We had a fantastic time, spoiled only very minorly by the fact that it was a bit too hot between the hrs of 3 and 5pm. I'm almost ashamed to mention it as we seem to moan so much about the weather here. Even since we got back I have felt myself a bit hot and bothered and I think it's even worse here because you don't even cool down in your air-conditioned car/house. Plus you're doing all your cooking and cleaning as usual which keeps the old body temp' up.

Inspiration-yes! I've written over 5000 words of my book. The subject-mother and daughter relationships and it's the first time of many beginnings that I realise deep inside that this is it! I'm typing it into word, for a start, instead of writing it by hand and knowing that it will be hopeless to adapt. I've also begun asking friends to write a little paragraph about mother/daughter relationships. That can be anything from a mothers view to a wishful thought to a funny remembrance to a sad story. If you'd like to send me something please do so through the contact email-ta!!

My thought is that I will weave my own words through all of the passages that are sent to me and add quotes and poems. I've not even researched to see if there is anything similar out there but I feel that this is right for me and that mum is standing close by cheering me on. She's been close, always and I chat away to her all the time. I know that she's guiding me to do things that were little seedlings, waiting to be sown. And now they are being and the fruit will be magnificent which grows.

What else? Cleaning!!! Did I ever mention that I love to clean? Not so's you'd notice if you came into my less than spotless house but I get such a buzz out of taking something filthy and making it clean!! Perhaps that's why I don't clean my place very often? ?

I've even got myself a wee one-off cleaning job with the offer of a regular little number. I'm dead excited about it and there's a big part of me that thinks that it would be my weekly therapy! However, it's for a friend and I love her too much to risk working for her weekly, I think. Imagine if I wasn't doing a good enough job (pretty unlikely because I'm brilliant) and she couldn't tell me and she was feeling a wee bit resentful for paying me for an inadequate job??!! Mmmm..........have to give it more thought.

It's amazing how telling people about what you're thinking leads to something you want being offered. I had just been prattling on about my cleaning frenzy and wanting to find a wee fix and she said that she could very much use my cleaning skills.

Moral to pass on-Never be afraid to tell people what it is that you love to do. It might just lead to you being able to do some more of it and get paid as a bonus. I might have been embarrassed to confess my love for or want of cleaning-it's not exactly a glam job now is it? But it makes me feel great!!!

No job is too menial or unimportant to do if you love it. Far better to be a cleaner and be singing to your radio on the job because you're happy with the world than be a high flying lawer who detests the necessary commute and can't sleep for worrying about the next days cases. Although I think if that lawer actually loves doing the lawer-bit then perhaps there just needs to be some changes and some help with the stress of it all.

Yes, you've guessed it! The bach flower remedies are superb at helping you to recognise and make changes in your life. They also help you deal with the stresses of things that cannot be changed. They might just let you look at life through a different lens which will change the way you see the exact same situation.

When my lens goes dark, I take Holly or Willow. Holly is for when I'm feeling hurt and angry and am mindreading what everyone one else is thinking. It helps me to take things less personally and to realise that people are not usually out to get me! Willow is for when I'm feeling resentful and using the "Why me" an awful lot. If I feel myself shutting off and smouldering rather than confronting and dealing with an issue, I know that Willow is needed.

So with that little lesson, I'll say bye bye for this week and will hopefully find you reading this again next week.

For those of you who didn't get my M.I.A from the last blog-I did indeed go Missing In Action and for longer than planned!!!!

Sending out much love and light for you all for this coming week.


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