Making 'mum's corner'......for me.

Making 'mum's corner'......for me.

Last night, I did something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. I moved one of our big, comfy, armchairs from the living room into the kitchen.

Whenever we are on holiday, I try to put a chair beside a window, to enjoy the scenery whilst I am having my first coffee in the morning and for when I am spending time reading.

Our kitchen is large but we have had it arranged so that there was no space to put a comfy chair........until Thursday when I exited my front room, after seeing a client, to find my hubbie peering over the banister with a suspicious grin on his face. Joining him upstairs, I discovered that he had moved the kitchen- computer into the small (not presently occupied) bedroom. Going back downstairs to the kitchen, I instantly thought about the space, left by the absent computer desk, being perfect for my comfy chair.

So, as I type this (on my mobile) I have just finished my first coffee, in my comfy chair, beside my patio doors. Aahh...... Already I have seen a squirrel bounce across the grass and the wind is wildly blowing the branches of the many bushes and trees in my garden and beyond. The many assorted clouds are zipping across the blue sky as if they were in a real hurry to get somewhere and the sound of a coo-ing dove reminds me of vacations long ago, in Kelso, with my family. I used to take myself down to the river and find a place in the trees and just sit there listening to that very sound. It's a memory that's always evoked when I hear a dove. I used to dream away the hours-perhaps it was simply that I needed space from my parents and siblings who were in the small caravan that we owned? I do know that I am someone who needs lots of alone-time, even from those I love dearly.

Having this chair here will no doubt allow the memories of all the chairs that I have moved, during happy holidays with my own children, to surface on a daily basis and that will be lovely. The other great thing is that I think I will wake up quicker by drinking my coffee in this 'new' morning-position. Who knows, maybe I will only need 20 mins to get going rather than the half-hour that I factor in?

Also, I will be able to come sit here to read instead of going into the front room and that will be fab. I can curl right up in this chair and it will feel instantly wonderful just as it did when I sat down here this morning.

Amazing that one small change may have a dramatic amount to offer.

Do you have something that you have longed for that is only a small change away?

Like me, could you move a chair into a space that would be perfect to get the best 'peace' that you could ask for?

This corner of my kitchen will be known as 'mum's corner', very quickly. Do you have a space that could take on your identity? A spot where as soon as you sit down, you feel at home, at peace with yourself and the world. If not, perhaps it's something that you'd like to arrange. I can highly recommend it.

And finally (because I am a Bach practitioner) Agrimony is in my mix, just now. It's the remedy which helps you to say/do what you really want to, without being scared of conflict/judgement. Often I wouldn't have made any changes without asking my hubbie first but I did my chair-move all by myself because it's what I wanted to do and if he doesn't approve, I am sure that I can calmly put forward my reasons for doing so. The most important reason being that I did it for me.  

Lots of love to All. Lxx


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