Matt Cardle was fantastic, so was the lesson in positivity from my youngest x

Matt Cardle was fantastic, so was the lesson in positivity from my youngest x

Happy Monday and I am still going with my meditation although my routine has been a bit disrupted over the weekend. Alison and I went to Newcastle to see Matt Cardle in concert and he was fantastic. I would highly recommend that you go see him if he plays a venue near you.
After debating right up to Friday, whether or not we'd drive or take the train, we finally decided on driving and I booked us into one of the airport hotels so that I wouldn't have to A) find parking/get out of parking at the concert venue
B) drive home in the middle of the night.
The airport hotel is right next to the airport Metro stop and we took it to within a couple of minutes walk of Newcastle City Hall.
Alison wanted to meet Matt, after the concert and so we went round back and stood around with lots of other fans. Half an hour later we were all told that if we stood up against the wall, Matt he knew that Matt would meet everyone but if he was greeted with a lot of screaming and pushing, he would get straight in the van. The woman beside me began yelling these instructions to everyone and I tried to tell the crowd beside me but seconds later, there was a stamped for the door furthest away from us. My instincts, as a mother had me do a little dance of insecurity about what to do till I heard Ali (very calmly) saying 'mum, we are staying here!' and we did. Pretty much on our own, beside the minivan.
I was beginning to voice my concerns about missing the last train so I went to ask the guy who seemed to be in charge of the security, how long would he be? I added that I had driven Ali down from Edinburgh and that we needed to get going soon for the Metro. He gave an apologetic smile and said that he'd be 10 minutes. In that 10 minutes, Ali collected the autographs of all the band members-the only person to do so-as they got into the van. I think that they were all dead chuffed and a couple of them had wee chats with her.
I was aware of the 'head-guy' observing the scene and he came over to where we were and quietly told us that he had changed the door that Matt was coming out of and that we'd now be first in line. We were to get our stuff ready for signing because once the rest of the crowd realised what was happening there might be mayhem.
A couple of minutes later he brought Matt out and pointed to us and said that we were first-WOW. A lesson in how doing as you're told paying of big time. Plus Alison gave me a lesson in positive thinking because all along she kept telling me that she would meet him and we would catch the Metro. Not only did she get that but she was first in line and met all the band-yippee for positive thinking. I hope that some of it was down to my teaching despite the fact that I was yet again, not walking my own talk :-)
My added bonus was that the Starbucks in the airport was open 24/7 and so I got a lovely decaff hazelnut latte plus a lemon poppyseed muffin at midnight. It was a lovely end to our night out. It was 1am by the time we snuggled down and we were both a bit restless. I had opened the window but it still felt hot. I realised at 7am that I had only opened the inside and not the outside so it's no wonder we were not feeling the fresh air benefits-tee hee.
Breakfast was lots of coffee and bacon and egg on toast with a large side of mushrooms. For me, that's amazing 'cause I usually never eat cooked stuff first thing. Ali settled for a slice of toast and a wee bit bacon. She was feeling a wee bit 'jet-lagged'
Saturday gave us the most beautiful sunny morning to drive home. Apart from the 'hitting a very large empty water canister, whilst doing 75 in the outside lane of the A1, it was a smooth ride home.
The angels must have been watching over us because the boy in front of me pulled in and I spotted the obstruction too late to do the same as I was overtaking him. I had to swerve as far to the right as I could, without hitting the barrier and was lucky enough to clip the container with the left wing of the car. Hopefully the impact sent it flying onto the verge so as not to harm anyone else. Alison fed me a rescue pastille and I pulled in to survey any damage but apart from scraping and some of the undercarriage flap being broken, I think we were very lucky. Now we just have to get his car fixed before Grandad gets home from his holiday. It's interesting to note here that the only time he's taken that car on a long journey, the truck in front dropped a big metal pole and it wrecked the undercarriage. Again, though, it could have been a horrible accident but it wasn't.
Thank you angels :-)
Ok-back to today and it's now evening. I had a lovely surprise visit from Lorraine and spent a fab hour + with her. Time just flies when you spend time with womderful people, doesn't it. My meditation is on track and I am on week 5 of the 6 in my programme. The fact that I have physically been doing it for 43 days is amazing and I am certainly enjoying it. I am less restless, my legs last longer in the Xd position and my head quietens down much quicker. I feel that doing this meditation is preparation for using it with others. That feeling has just arrived but I am sure that it's correct.

Must go as Jen is waiting to get on this machine. Will try to blog a bit more frequently but it is what it is.

Much love for this coming week,


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