May You Be Happy x

May You Be Happy x

I think that the last blog I wrote stayed put, inside me phone so hopefully this one will make it onto the website. If I can find the last one, I may well be posting it today, too.
Yesterday was my last day of invigilating for the High School exams and I felt a pang of sadness as I handed back my I'd badge. I love being able to help out with the kids and set my intention that only good things will happen during the examination. I also open myself up and allow love to surround the youngsters along with as many Angels that can fill the room.
It may sound silly but I believe that the calmness during the exams I am in is helped by my energy and that of the Angels.
I have been drawing Angels all over the place. I am no artist but I have a little Angel doodle that goes on pretty much everything. My creative brain has really been trying to surface and I drew my way through the alphabet, with little statements and related Angel doodles. I think it may be my first book :-)
Ruth Fishel is one of the most inspirational women I know and I don't even 'know' her. She is the author of numerous wonderful books that I own and I subscribe to her 'spiritlifter' daily email. I wake up to her words each morning. Reading them on my phone as I come to life is a wonderful way to begin my day. She includes affirmations from her books and passes along spiritual healing words that she has received from others.
Yesterday these words made such an impression on me that I made little postcards for some of the other Invigilators (and my meditation group will also be given them)

May I be Happy
May I be Peaceful
May I be Free of suffering
May Everyone be Happy
May Everyone be Peaceful
May Everyone be Free of suffering.

The idea is that you bring your attention to your breath and spend a minute breathing in and out each line. If everyone in the world did this, just for that minute, the world would be at peace.
So, pass this on. Make some little postcards. I drew hearts and Angels on mine. Tap into your creative side and see what 'doodle' is asking to be seen.

May you all be Happy
May you all be Peaceful
May you all be free from suffering.



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