meditation course starts Monday-EEK

meditation course starts Monday-EEK

Happy Tuesday to one and all.

I have just heard that my meditation class has the green light for Monday and that there are going to be a dozen people there. How's that for the Universe giving me a sign? Leading meditation is something that I love but that also fills me with anxiety. My throat chakra is something that I continually work on as I have been a bit timid with my voice over the past many years. I think that the message I will take, from this class going ahead, is that it is time for me to be heard. Leading meditation takes a huge amount of trust-something I also have had issues with in my life. Often suspicious of others' motives in the past, I now try to take things at face value without inventing full-blown imaginary stories. It is actually astonishing how often I stop myself from inventing a background story and I increasingly confess to my husband that so-and-so didn't actally say that-I assumed it ! I think that he finds it quite amusing :-)

What else? Big news is that my son moved to Canada last Friday and my heart did indeed feel very 'cracked' after waving him goodbye at Glasgow airport. I managed to hold it together till we got into the car park and saw a little person flapping around in a baby harness and I realised that Andrew was that size when we brought him home from Canada almost 20 years ago. Many tears were shed on Friday and I took Star of Bethlehem (for the sadness) and Honeysuckle (for the regrets of time passing) and I was right as rain by Sunday. Seriously, for anyone who has to wave goodbye to a loved one (whether in life or death) those 2 remedies are wonderfully healing. I am now looking forward to spending lots of time chatting via skype with him. I jokingly (although with a definate large pinch of truth) told him that there was a bit of me looking forward to him being away so that we could chat more often :-)

A double whammy to my heart will come again when I have to kiss both him and his sister goodbye in Canada. The remedies will be needed and used.

I am off to London this weekend, to sit in on a Bach Level 2 course. I am soooo looking forward to it because Kate taught me my Level 2 and she was inspirational and I wanted to some day teach in the same way that she did. I spent loads of hours on the weekend trying to work out my plan of action. Train, Fly, Drive ? I finally decided on the flying option due to it working out as cheap to fly+rent a car as it was to get the sleeper (with a bunk) down. It means that I am having 2 nights down with my brother-in-law and his family, instead of my originally-booked 1 but that will be really nice. They are only a half hours drive from the course so it's all worked out perfectly although, over the weekend, I thought that I was never going to get sorted. The minute I decided on the sleeper option and went through all the booking procedure, I discovered that I was only getting a recliner seat at that price. So, moving on to the 'is flying as cheap?' option, I discovered it was but I exhausted several hours looking for a very early morning flight which would allow me to go down on Saturday morning.

To no avail except if I took a taxi from Heathrow-naah.

So next, on to my in-laws to see if they would increase my B&B to 2 nights ? Of course (they are very kind) and so I found a flight and car hire and then realised that I was just about to mail my only valid photo ID to get a new passport. Do you need photo ID for a domestic UK flight? You tell me ! Varying answers online so I am delaying sending my passport till next week and hope that they get a shift on to get it back to me for my hols.

I really need to get a photo driving licence and speaking of that, I can't find my paper licence and so how am I going to get that rental car?

On that note I shall close for now and go look for my driving licence. Bill assures me that it has to be............... 'somewhere'

Sending much love out into the world today and everyday,


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