Not allowed to write for class on a Thursday, so writing this instead.

Not allowed to write for class on a Thursday, so writing this instead.

Happy Thursday and I just found a new website to visit, whilst looking for the reasons that I have a stiff shoulder and a sore foot.

With my belief system, I know that my body is trying to tell me something. The only problem is that I have no clue what. Having a look online, I went for the first listing which guided me to a website called Turtle Healing Energy and whilst I haven't explored it fully (ie, can't tell you why the title is as it is-does she heal turtles?), the posting on Erikas blog agreed with my belief that my body is trying to tell me something. And she writes in a lovely easy to read fashion. I will check out the rest of the site later but know that an hour will pass if I start browsing now.

Concluding that thought and belief, I will meditate on it after I finish typing this. I suspect the shoulder thing is about letting go some kind of burden and the foot thing might be a resistance of some sort to the direction I am going in but I will let you know if anything definitive crops up. Hopefully, I will be shown some emotion that's a bit out of kilter and give myself the appropriate remedy.

This week, I went for a holistic massage which included the use of hot stones. It was fantastic and was from Charlene at If you are looking for a wee christmas pressie idea, I can highly recommend her.

Of course, I highly recommend me for Christmas, as well-tee hee. I do offer gift vouchers for Reiki, Bach Remedies or a combination. To be perfectly honest, most people who come for a Reiki session end up going away with a remedy mix, so a Reiki session is your best option :-)

Isn't it great, the way we get distracted from task. I went looking for Charlenes website so that I could post the link here and I ended up on facebook to 'like it' and you know what happens when you go on facebook. Yep-an hour later, you remember why you went in there in the first place.

I don't often go into facebook just for the sake of it. I usually have a mission and the 'lost hour' is the reason why. There is just so much to see in there and one page leads you to the next, leads you to the next........and so on.

I would like to become a more disciplined person, one of these days. Not a huge big strictness level, for myself but perhaps just a little bit more structured. I knew that running my own business would be an adventure because of my liking of flexibility and it sometimes feels like I allow myself too much freedom and forget about all the wonderful things that I am meant to be accomplishing for myself, my family and for the world in general. It's not that I am feeling guilty for sitting here typing (because that's part of 'the job') but I do occasionally get a sense of my avoiding destiny or at least taking the long road there.

Today I am meeting with my first 'Calm Kids' case study and I am both hopeful and nervous, in equal measures. I am not anxious about my ability to work with teenagers, in meditation nor am I nervous that she will take an instant dislike to me. Nope, my nerves are around my being truly able to help this young person cope with her life more easily and to find happiness within herself every day. And I believe that I can do that..............boy, that sounds awfully big-headed (as my mother would say)

If I do help this youngster as well as I believe that I can, I will not be able to hide, from myself, the 'being good at it' and that 'being good' at something is still difficult for me to feel, despite the knowing. Does that make any sense? Re-reading it, it sounds double dutch but I will leave it anyhow.

What I suppose I am trying to say is that I still need Larch and Pine to balance out the obviously very old and engrained layer of feelings of low self-worth/self esteem that I am currently working on. I didn't expect it to shift overnight but it is surprising me that it is so resistant to my efforts towards self-love.

Which brings us full circle back to the reason why I am having massage :-) whew-long-winded or not.

Have a happy rest of the week.......and beyond,


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