one step back may lead you forward

one step back may lead you forward

I have no idea where this posting will go, this evening.

I have had a lovely day today and "contented" would be a good description for my state of mind, at present.

This morning was filled with spiritual and inspirational chatter-both Bach and non-Bach and I find myself thankful for yet another wonderful woman entering my life and the fact that I am learning, as well as teaching, this week.

For a long time now, I've been a believer in whatever happens is the right thing and the fact that this Bach course has only one person on it further confirms that belief. Her knowledge about Bach is great and I feel like I'm running a validation day because she has taught herself pretty much all that she needs to know for Level 1. I'm just checking that she's "ticked all the boxes" to allow her to gain her certificate to progress easily onto Level 2.

For me, as a Bach teacher, it lets me see, first hand, how Dr Bach's work can be embraced without formal teaching. This was his wish-that anyone could learn to use the remedies to heal themself, if they chose to do so. Granted that this woman has a vast knowledge on a vast number of healing techniques but she is also willing to go back to basics to discover why many of her other "healers" took their roots from Dr Bach.

It can be difficult to go in a seemingly backward direction to learn but recognition of the potential need for an essential building block can allow you to be certain that it is actually the way forward.

How many of us would shrink away from a perceived backward step? A large percentage, I don't doubt. But how great would it be if we all recognised the little gaps in our knowledge-base and did a bit of intellectual polyfilling so that our wall of knowledge was completed and crack-free?

I plan to have a look at my own building blocks and see whether or not I've missed a step on the way to where I want to be. To see my end-zone and look at the plays needed to get there. (Sorry about the North Americanisms but baseball and football have such great terms to use and my love of Canada pulls me frequently back to its language)

Tonight I am thankful for my day.

My afternoon was spent with 2 of my 4 favourite people-my hubbie and my eldest daughter. We walked to the beach and along the prom' in beautiful sunshine-just enjoying each others company. Granted that Jen did her usual "I don't want to walk" but was glad to be with us. My evening gave me contact with the other 2, with skyping the big boy-who seems happy and who laughed at his mothers usual silliness and chatting with the wee one who seems to have left home and decided to live with my sister. No, seriously, she's having a blast with her cousin and is staying an extra couple of nights in the country.

My life is great. My family is happy. The universe is kind. Thank you :)

I hope that all of you experience happiness this coming week. Perhaps you too can have a wee think about your path in life and whether you may have missed a small or larger step on the way to where you wish to end up. Sometimes the one step back may lead to 2 steps forward.... or more?

Sending out much love to all


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1. Heather wrote:
As always, you hit the nail on the head with your gentle wisdom. :-) Attending the course, one-on-one, with you has been fabulous and I have learned so very much and enjoyed it immensely. Linsey, you are an encouraging and inspirational tutor and a much-valued friend and I feel so honoured that I was able to do my Level 1 workshop with you. It's often said that the first step is the hardest, but often it's the best step one can ever make. Blessings to you! *hugs*

Thu, August 12, 2010 @ 9:20 PM

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