Pine and Larch can help you shine like Andy Murray.

Pine and Larch can help you shine like Andy Murray.

Happy Friday.
Has anyone else noticed that there has definitely been a changeover in season? A little bit chilly, here in Scotlands capital and oh, did you see the U.S Open Mens tennis final? I settled down last Sunday night, at 9pm, into my spot on the couch (wine-free 'cause I am teaching Reiki this weekend) and hardly dared to move for the next 5 hours. Sooo glad that I had not opened a bottle of wine or I would have drank 2 and likely missed the final games due to falling asleep. Andy Murray has (I suspect) done far more work inside his head than we will ever know. Us Scots are not known for getting into the spotlight and making someone else feel bad. We are programmed to make sure that people don't think that we think that we are better than them and we therefore shrink back from being all that we can be. I see this, around me, all the time and have spent many years trying to dump the programming from my own personality. Pine is a great remedy for those who feel guilty about being 'better' than others and Larch is the remedy which helps us to have the confidence to 'give it a bash', without worrying about failure (or success, for that matter) Both these remedies are currently in yours trulys mix :-)
In the (borrowed) words of Nelson Mandela and not written down 'ver batim.'
'Who are we not to shine because it is in showing our brightness that we allow others to do the same'
I still don't think that I could show millions of people how brilliant I am but, then again, at this point in time I don't need to. I am gaining confidence daily, in my ability to speak out about what I believe in and, for now, that's sufficient.
Last night I attended my first 'Write a book in 10 weeks' class and I could feel the panic rise as I listened to what we would be expected to accomplish each week. 'Perhaps I just wouldn't go back' featured prominently in my thoughts for the first half of the class whilst I listened to the tutor tell us to wear a badge every day which read 'Ask me about my book' and to swap our phone numbers with a couple of others to be our writing buddies-EEK did this American not know that we were Scottish and lived in the land of 'hiding' not the land of 'let's embarrass ourselves' ? From the expressions around the room, as she told us we had to find at least an hour a day of write, setting our newly acquired piggy-timers, I knew that I was not alone in thinking that I had perhaps bitten off the wrong flavour of night-class but I asked the Angels to fill the room and to help me relax and they did. By the end of the class, my initial 'I will not be swapping my details with anyone' morphed into my actually walking across the room to give my card to a guy who seemed shy and awkward and who I suspected hadn't shifted from the 'I can't do this' feeling.
I left the class believing that I would be able do the stuff she was asking me to. She believes we all can do it and she's the expert-right?
Unfortunately, this doesn't count towards todays writing and I will have to find some time later.
Much love to all and have a wonderful weekend.

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