Pine-because you're worth it!

Pine-because you're worth it!

Computer problems would only explain why I missed writing anything yesterday. Last weeks Wednesday disappeared at the speed of light and by the time that evening came, I plonked myself down and watched some t.v with my kids! Laziness? No, it's progress I'm glad to say. In the not so distant past I would have forced myself to sit down and type something in case anyone judged me as being lazy or unreliable or disorganised. Actually, I would probably have been the one judging me!!

Why are we so hard on ourselves? We are far harsher with our judgements of ourselves than anyone else would be. I'm miles better than I used to be and I try to speak nicely to myself these days but the old habit of putting myself down does sneak in now and then. I know that I am not alone in how I have felt, having spoken many times to people who think like I used to.

I think that I was helped greatly by my using the Bach Flower remedies and especially Pine, which is for this sort of harshness to ourselves and for feeling guilty and responsible for things that we shouldn't. It helps us to realise that we deserve good things and to be proud of our accomplishments.

Anyway, my couple of weeks since I last typed have been busy and quick. I'm always saying that about my weeks and I need to stop. It's not exactly interesting for you is it? A bit like getting a postcard saying that the holiday is going quickly.......not worth the stamp!

I finished teaching my latest course-it was great. Lots of fun and we all got a lot out of it. I shall be posting some workshop/course dates on the website soon. I just have to decide how and where to put the dates. If you're interested in learning more about the Bach Flower Remedies-watch this space.

This is a bit like deja vu as |I think that the last blog was titled courses???? Mmmmmmmm

I finally did my first walk in ages and Sunday mornings are now classified walk-time. LJ and I did 5 miles and it flew by 'cause we gabbed the whole time. Actually we got a bit quiet towards the end and decided that we were into our comfortable silence mode. (or perhaps we were just getting tired 'cause we never run out of stuff to say!) This week we're off to Prestonpans (she doesn't know that yet!) Mo used it as a regular training route last year and it sounded good when she explained that we would stop for a coffee there and get the bus back!!!! Baby steps-right. 7 miles is far enough this week. We'll manage there and back in a few weeks time especially with that dangling carrot of a coffee with friends at both the middle and the finish!  

Of course, my hubbie rightly pointed out that we could save money by just walking 3 1/2 miles and turning round and having a coffee at Mo's when we get will never understand our coffee culture ladies!

He is, by the way perfectly correct!!! But we'll do it our way all the same!

Yum-smells like the man is making something yummy to eat for supper. Muffins, likely-his speciality.

I shall close now by apologising for not putting a huge amount of effort into this tonight.I feel a bit distracted and vacant (Bill would say "what's new") and will try to write earlier in the day next week so that there isn't music, telly and other people interfering with what little concentration I can usually maintain.

Have a wonderful week and I didn't even tell you about my computer woes-thus having to type this on the laptop. Maybe next week, when it will hopefully be fixed because our lovely computer guy is coming along on Monday to make it all better.

Smile and be happy folks,



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