'Pregnancy and Infant-Loss Remembrance Day'' ...Using Star of Bethlehem to heal

'Pregnancy and Infant-Loss Remembrance Day'' ...Using Star of Bethlehem to heal

A post on Facebook this morning spurred me into writing because it struck a nerve which you would imagine should be unaffected after so many years.

The fact that it is not, got me to thinking about the countless numbers of women (and men) who may be hurting from the loss of an unborn child whether it has just happened or whether, like me, it occurred nearly twenty years ago.
When you have suffered a miscarriage or an 'in-utero' death, how many people around you know or remember that this has happened to you and, if they do, for how long to they think it will affect you?
When I had my miscarriage, I mostly felt like a complete failure because I felt that it (like everything else at that point in my life) must have been my fault. But I spouted to one and all that I was lucky to have two fit and healthy children already and that it must be far worse for women who didn't yet have children. I also tried to console myself with the thought that it must be far worse to lose a child who you have given birth to than one who wasn't yet ten weeks of growth inside me.
It took the wise words of a friend who had experienced one such loss for me to allow myself to feel that it was okay to feel hellish. She simply told me, down through the phone-line, 'Linsey, it was your baby and don't minimise this loss'
I did continue to minimise it though, both to the outside world and to myself but the loss needed to be acknowledged, processed and healed and that took many years...and obviously it is still not complete judging by my reaction to the fact that it is 'Pregnancy and Infant-loss Remembrance Day'' today.
Reading the post, I was struck by the intensity of emotion that I felt and I needed to do some writing to try to heal the piece of hurt that I still feel.
For years, after my miscarriage, I suffered from very low moods in September. I used to blame them on the fact that I had just spent summer with the kids with much less adult input and 'me-time' than I would normally have. It wasn't until I began to work on my mental health that I discovered that those low Septembers were due to subconsciously being aware of the lack of the joyful birthday that would have been shared with the child that I didn't get to meet.
As soon as I became aware of this fact, my 'September-Blues' disappeared and I thought, until today, that my heart was healed.
Lucklily for me, I now have tools at my disposal which will help me to continue my healing of this wound and of others from my past.
The Bach Flower Remedies have seen me through the last thirteen years without failing me.
Prior to them I existed in pain from one joint or another. Several surgeries in as many years and three bouts of depression due to my health were all behind me, after I started using the remedies.
I  believe, as did Dr Bach, that my negative emotions caused my physical ailments which in time caused my mental health to worsen. I was stuck in a circle of illness and didn't know how to escape from it.
When I finally fell apart in front of a friend who swore by the Bach Flower Remedies, she made me promise to call her practitioner the next day...and the rest is wonderful history, I am so very grateful to say.
Because of my own dramatic healings with the remedies, I went from being a client for nine months to learning Levels 1, 2 and 3 courses to become a registered practitioner. After working as a practitioner and loving the teaching-side of it,  I went on to become a Level 1 trainer and now love to share my passion for self-healing with anyone who will listen.
I already have Star of Bethlehem in my current remedy-mix because intuitively I was compelled to add it. This is the second hurt that has come up for examining, since beginning taking Star and I know that it must be time for this little bit of my heart to be put to rest in peace.
Star of Bethlehem was named the 'Soother of Sorrows' by Dr Bach and I know that if I hadn't been already taking it, my reaction this morning would have involved tears and pain rather than the simple awareness of there still being healing to be done.
So, in conclusion of this article, I'd like to invite you to please be kind to everyone you meet and that includes the person that you see in the mirror each day.
We do not always know what losses a person is healing (or not healing) from or how it will be affecting their mental and physical health on a daily basis. Their reactions are about them and not about you so please try to see their hurt behind the reactions and respond with love.
Be compassionate towards yourself and others and please do open yourself up to using Star of Bethlehem to help you to heal any past or present hurts that you may or may not be aware of.
Much Love to all as we endeavour to heal ourselves for ourselves.

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