Proud to be brave enough to be me.

Proud to be brave enough to be me.

Happy Saturday.
What an interesting week I have had and what a lot of proof about how my Bach Remedies work there has been.
And I am talking from the perspective of using them myself. And speaking of perspective, that was one of the major things that struck me about my need for Holly. The fact that I needed to see things from a different perspective.
I have often given Holly to people who are taking things "personally" and thinking that someone is "out to get them"
Holly deals with suspicion and helps to balance that out, letting you see a truer picture of what's happening. And often it helps you to see that there is actually nothing going on-it's all been in your imagination and is probably due to you being in a negative Holly state.
I love when clients/friends come back to me to say that the person that they were finding very difficult has been really nice to them. I am then able to say that the person was probably always being nice-suspicion was just blurring the picture.
And, having had that very experience myself, this past week, I can honestly tell you that I LOVE Holly. And unconditional love is the positive aspect of Holly once you have balanced out any hurt, anger, jealousy or suspicion.
It sounds like a difficult remedy to admit to needing but if you are someone who "mind-reads" or takes things personally, it is worth giving Holly a try to see whether love rather than hate can fill your heart :-)
My Agrimony is also still working away, to my benefit as I was able to admit to people who I don't know very well that I was feeling anxious and overwhelmed. My first instinct was to utter the word "good" when asked how I was but as soon as that came out of my mouth I knew that I wanted to be more honest and retracted it.
How fab, not worrying about how others would think of me. How fab listening to my soul which was telling me not to pretend.
Agrimony also allowed me to hide from everyone else, when I felt the need to, this past week. Rather than forcing myself to be sociable and join the rest of the conference participants for lunch, I took myself off on my own-well away from everyone-to be still and quiet and with myself.
How often do you force yourself to be sociable rather than risk being thought of as unfriendly or antisocial. I used to join in everything, for that reason. To make everyone think that I was super-friendly and fun.
I rarely go to social occasions now, unless I really want to. I don't go, just because I have been asked and I don't even feel that I have to justify why I am not going. Great strides forward, let me tell you.
My heart and soul are happiest when I am at home with my family or in the company of a small group of close girlfriends. The strength and support I gain from these loved ones, in my life far exceeds my need to be like by other people.
If I am considered aloof or distant, it is more my true nature than my being "Mrs Social"-a disguise that I wore for many years.
The important people in my life know and love me for being truly myself. I am very close to loving myself for being me and am proud of myself for being brave enough to admit that I have been an imposter for most of my adult life.
The Real Me is now standing up and standing tall and if I feel wobbly and unsafe I am certain that help will come from those who love me and My Bach remedies.
Have a wonderful (long) weekend.
Much Love,

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