remember to say thanks!

remember to say thanks!

I go into Sick Kids in Edinburgh every Monday and wander around the wards chatting to the staff-mainly the nurses. For those who work there every Monday, I think that I've become like a time-marker and I understood what they meant when several of them commented this past Monday "Has it been a whole week since you were here?" because I do seem to blink and miss the passage of time. My new schedule of Monday mornings spent at home, easing myself into the week is great. It used to be such a rush to get down to Allans and then over to Sick kids. Now I'm in Allans, Portobello on Tuesday mornings and it feels much better (except that I do miss Val and Liz who work there on a Mon) So spread the word that I can now be found there on Tuesdays 9.30-12ish.

Promotion is not my greatest strength but I am getting better at it by realising that I am not promoting me, I'm promoting the bach flower remedies and reiki as tools for people to help look after themselves on an emotional level. Reiki can help on a physical level as well but I have experienced that people who find me are helped at an emotional level which in turn helps with any physical problems. There's a big word called Psychoneuroimmunology (I think that's right) which explores the link between our stress levels and our immune system and increasingly proves that if we don't deal effectively with our stress, we will get sick!

Stress doesn't have to mean overwhelmed and I often hear people saying "that's how I've always been" or "that's just me" when talking about an emotion that's out of balance. A lot of people don't realise that they don't have to feel the way they do!

Whether it's lacking confidence or being shy. Feeling bugged by others or resentful of them. Not being able to say "no" when you wish to or burning the candle at both ends-the Bach Flower Remedies can help you to be able to feel the way you want to feel. And how great is it for someone who has never been brave enough to get on a plane to choose to book themselves a holiday abroad? Or for someone who usually "huffs" for days because they blame other people, to take responsibility for how they're feeling and make a change, rather than just moaning?

I love what I do and I think that it's refected in my overenthusiasm sometimes. Hopefully I don't ram it down other peoples throats but I am always happy to discuss the merits of Dr Bach system and of Reiki healing.

I did taster-sessions of Reiki today and was, as usual, amazed at the differencies in the energy people drew for themselves. 6 people-6 very different sessions. The remedies are the same. Each person choosing their own particular remedies for healing. Simple and wonderful.

If you read last weeks non-blog, you'll know that I'm plotting and planning again and I think that people really think I've got it all sorted!

Nope!! After sending that newsletter out I felt like I wanted to run in the other direction! Being able to walk my talk isn't always easy but each time I seem to manage to sort myself out a little quicker than the last. A full day of Mimulus on Monday, for fear, was all that it took to get me into a positive place again. I do believe that I have something special to do with all the knowledge that I have and that means admitting to myself that I am special! Not that I am any different to anyone else-I believe that everyone is special. It's just that calling yourself special is a difficult thing to be able to do. Weren't we all brought up to think that was big-headed? Is it any wonder that there's a huge population out there with low self-worth?

As my own self-worth continues to improve and I see the positive effects that my helping hands can encourage in people, I increase the amount of times per day that I say "thank you". I wake up saying thank-you (despite detesting getting out of bed) and go to sleep saying thank-you and say it sometimes dozens of times in between for all the little and larger things in my day.

Try it! It pays dividends-honest!

And on that note, I'm off to watch an episode of Angel! That big hunky vampire with the puppy-dog personality makes me feel all happy inside. My friend lent me the first season and I watched the first 6 episodes last Saturday whilst waiting for Jen to call me from a party to get picked up. I weren't too happy when she called to say that she was getting a lift home. Not because I wouldn't have watched 6 episodes of Angel but because I could have had a glass of wine in my hand whilst doing so!!

Ta ta, folks and have a wonderful week being special. Just remember to say thanks!


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1. Lynda wrote:
Thank you, Thank you Thank you Linsey for always being there for me.
And yes Angel is a hunk!!!

Mon, February 8, 2010 @ 6:21 PM

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