Remember to turn back your clock this weekend.

Remember to turn back your clock this weekend.

Happy Wednesday and are you all ready for the time "falling back" this Saturday?
It seems like it already has, with the darkness hanging around so long in the mornings and arriving far too early in the afternoons.
I don't really mind the long nights but I do feel sorry for those, like my hubbie, who hardly see any daylight because they work nights and sleep during the day.
I did night shift for many years, without any recognised side effects but for people who suffer from SAD, it must be hugely difficult to find happiness in the winter.
I wonder, as I type away here, whether Bach remedies might help somehow? Perhaps, if there is a feeling of gloominess, Mustard would help things to seem brighter. If SAD is linked to feelings of apathy and resignation, maybe Wild Rose would help to make you feel more alive and motivated? And Gorse may help if you feel hopeless about being able to change your situation.
All just my thoughts this dark morning, as Halloween approaches.
Tonight, my house is being invaded by a very large gang of pumpkin-carving teenagers. We hopefully have a kitchen big enough to accommodate a dozen or so of them and I anticipate a huge amount of noise-hopefully laughter.
I shall be found, hiding out in the front room with a good pal, for a catch-up and a glass of. Maybe she will be able to help me to plan ahead.
My head is so full of ideas for things that I seriously need a bolt of lightning to focus them into action.
I am currently on a remedy-mix which was made for me by another practitioner. I am trying to stick with it and not to use other remedies and thus my excuse for my lack of motivation and focus which will have to wait to be dealt with.
It's an interesting place to find myself, having to just sit and observe my emotions, without doing anything about them. As always, the universe must have a plan for me finding myself here. Don't you just sometimes wish you could take a quick peek at the plan? Go on, admit it-I would.
Just to give me the faith that is sometimes lacking around there being a purpose to everything that I don't particularly enjoy feeling.
I never cease to be amazed at the intensity of negative emotions. Even the ones that involve feeling "flat", which is where I am now. The "flatness" seems vast and overwhelming and I am struggling to keep myself going. It feels like a retreat of some sort is imminent and yet I make periodic surges to try to keep moving forward.
I get the feeling that my Ego is fighting to keep me static and scared and I am so aware of how easy it would be to stick my head under the duvet and stay there. Developing a physical illness would be really easy and a "cop-out" of making any progress, spiritually. It almost feels like there is a fight going on, in my head. "Get a grip-you can do anything you set your mind to" V "You don't have to do anything at all"
Which thought will win?
Watch this space.
It's now evening and the teenage laughter is wonderful to hear, through the wall.
The pumpkins are all carved and lined up my stairs like something out of a scary movie. They look wonderful and the Teens have done a fantastic job.
My night has been a catch up with one of my closest friends and that is always a great way to spend some time, isn't it.
I should post this, before tonight turns into tomorrow or the next day.
Wishing you all a happy week and sending out lots of love to you all.

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