Send some healing thoughts my way 'cause I'm worth it.

Send some healing thoughts my way 'cause I'm worth it.

Well here we are and it's Wednesday again. I wasn't sure whether or not I would manage to write anything today as I woke up, through the night, with the room spinning (and it wasn't through having too much wine last night)
It's a horrible feeling, Vertigo and it happened every time I rolled over in bed-ugh.
As it's the second time I've had this, in the last few weeks, I decided that I should give the Doc a call to see what he thought. Labyrinthitis, as I expected (inflammation of the "balance-bits" in your middle ear) was his diagnosis but I'm going to see him next week so he can check me out. He prescribed some pills which Bill brought home late afternoon but, by then, my "spinning" self-tests were negative.
Interestingly, I've been glugging Scleranthus (the balancing remedy) all day and doing Reiki self-healing, so hopefully they have cleared things up for now.
Labyrinthitis doesn't usually come and go and so I am trying desperately to not succumb to fear around what could be causing it because I am of the belief that you can most definitely attract what you are most scared off.
Sharing this fear with you is a way of diminishing it and asking you all to add me to your healing thoughts. How fab is that, to be able to share my troubling thoughts with you and ask for help rather than stuffing them all down and pretending all is well.
Maybe the universe is testing me and my Agrimony, to see if it can really make me tell folks what is real with me and not worry about them worrying about me. I'm important enough to be cared about, yes I am.
Having written all that down, I have mixed feelings. There's a bit of me that wants to backspace it all so that my family don't read it because I don't want them to worry. Equally though, there is a bit of me that is realising that I am not responsible for protecting their feelings by keeping my fears to myself.
Also, after writing it all down, I do feel that everything is okay and my fear has subsided. I have much greater Faith now than I ever did when I attended church. I have Faith that if I am living my life with the best of intentions and am opening my heart to both the giving and receiving of Love then all will be well.
So, I suppose that this blog is partly about my now being able to accept that people care enough for me to send me some healing, loving thoughts. Progress indeed.

Short and sweet this week but worth sharing as I believe that there are many of you out there who keep your troubling thoughts inside because you don't want to bother anyone with them. It may take a while but with the help of Agrimony, like me, you may just find peace of mind by sharing and thereby diminishing your fears.

Sending much love out to all,


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