Sing the praises of others and look-out for golden linings!

Sing the praises of others and look-out for golden linings!

I think I blinked again and missed another fortnight! I know that it's repeating myself for the umpteenth time but "where is the time going"?

The school exams have begun and I am glad to be helping out in the exams with invigilating. I try to be nice and to smile at the poor souls who look terrified and overwhelmed by the whole process of sitting in a room with someone constantly watching you. I like to wish them luck and to thanks them if they manage to sit quietly whilst their peers finish-up. They're scared enough without thinking that I might bite!

It seriously doesn't seem that long ago since I sat my high-school exams although I sat them more than 30 years ago. The memories of sitting in the main hall with my whole year-group was actually a bit of a thrill for me. But I think that my enjoyment of sitting exams is in the minority and probably a bit strange.

Studying was never my thing and my son follows in my footsteps in that department.

Interestingly enough, I made up remedies for us both today and there were an awful lot of similarities in what we'd chosen. He's more like me than I dare to imagine at times. Once upon a time I would have been devastated that he was turning out like me but, as I have come to accept all that is good about myself I am actually thrilled that he has some of my genes working for him.

He's got a busy few weeks coming up and (like me at his age) he's out and about and nowhere to be seen tonight. His sister (like mine would have been) is in her room studying. Actually-she's commandeered her sisters room as there's more space to spread out!

And that's the great and wonderful thing about human beings isn't it. We are all so different within the one family. We should embrace our uniqueness and accept our fellow humans exactly as they are.

Politics have never been something which has interested me and yet I have found myself switching the news on at various times this past week to see what the state of play was after the election.

The news, last night, that David Cameron had become Prime minister initially made my blood run cold and a few unkindly words escaped my mouth, in reference to him and his politics.

Today, however, I find myself thinking that this unlikely match of political parties may be precisely what this country needs. The one may be a good and valuable influence on the other. They are both led by young men who surely must want the best for the young people of this country which presumably means getting things into better shape than they are at present.

I have watched, with sadness and a little anger at the way money seems to be getting spent on all the wrong things. The hospitals and schools desperately need more funding and staff but the people at the tops of the relative trees simply refuse to see that to save money in the long term, they must spend extra now.

I could rant on about the expenditure on agency nurses and relief teachers but I wont. In brief I'll argue that if they spent money on recruiting and retaining an adequate number of both, on regular salaries, there would never be the need to fork out for exorbitantly expensive external help!

This wee story never goes where I think it will. Today I was going to write about feeling better and brighter and the fact that I had an Aura Soma reading today, from Jilly down at Indigo Silk in Haddington (check her out online!) It was fascinating what she was able to tell me about myself-past, present and future-and all done from the colours that I was drawn to! Jilly is a wonderful, friendly, special person and she finds it difficult to promote herself and her skills. She's modest and unassuming and not a business-women at all but her work will grow and expand exactly because of all these traits within her. Like me, people who meet and get to know her will tell others about her. She will always find herself surrounded by people who admire her for her honesty and her good heart. They will be her advert and she will have no need to advertise other than through them.

If you have someone in your life who does something wonderful, remember to tell them and others about it. Don't keep it to yourself-share it! How often do we find ourselves grumbling about people doing things badly? It's much rarer that we choose to sing someones praises but that's exactly what we should be doing. We don't make ourselves smaller by doing so-we expand our hearts to each other and wish only good things for those around us.

Lots of people don't pray as it's seen as religious or a waste of time. I personally find myself praying a dozen times a day, sometimes. Not big, long, wordy prayers but words of thanks or hope or of acceptance. I always begin the day by thanking it for being wonderful. I try to stay awake long enough, when I climb into bed, to say thank you for all that has happened. If something has not gone exactly as I imagined it should have, I try to ask that I'm shown why!! Usually there is a reason.

And I'll end this weeks blog with a lovely story on that exact theme!

A friend of mine did not get to go on her vacation because of the volcanic ash cloud and I sent her a text saying that perhaps something unexpectedly wonderful would happen because she had to stay in Scotland.........And it did! She's in love!!!! It would never have happened if she had gone on her holiday!

So, when life is really hard for you, try to imagine that it's for a good reason and that you will be stronger for the lesson experienced. And who knows-perhaps there will be a beautiful golden lining to your big black cloud!

Sending out much love to you all for this coming week,


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