Star of Bethlehem for when you feel like you've been kicked in the solar plexus

Star of Bethlehem for when you feel like you've been kicked in the solar plexus

Happy Wednesday.

I have no idea where this blog will end up today as there has been so many emotional things going on with myself and others that I feel like I could keep writing till next Wednesday.

Perhaps the most recent is a good place to start and it's an indication of how you can be high as a kite one minute and then feel like you've had your insides ripped out by the next one. I actually am slugging Star of Bethlehem, for the latter because I'm feeling physically sick and have had a good cry which may start again as I type. My Solar Plexus feels like it's had a swift, gigantic kick to its middle but my overwhelming strongest emotion is sadness. It began as anger but with the help of Star, it has now settled into sadness.

I'm not going to expand on details because they are not important and actually, in the scheme of things, the situation itself isn't worth the emotions that I am currently experiencing. This is simply another scenario where I am very grateful that I have the remedies in my life.

Star of Bethlehem helps any kind of emotional or physical shock to your system. That can be as simple as stubbing your toe or as complex as a bereavement. In my case this morning, it was merely reading an email without realising that it would have any effect on me at all. And yet, my insides are still churning and I continue to use Star as I type, knowing that my emotional response to the words in the email will settle and I shall be able to give it no more of my emotional attention. There is no point to holding onto my strong negative emotions-they'll not help me to go back to being the happy camper that I was before I read the thing.

I have asked for love and healing to be sent to the whole situation and have put all of those involved onto my healing list. That's all I can do. It's not even my situation to deal with, I just have to try to support and protect, as best I can.

And sometimes not getting involved is harder than jumping in to try to "help." Through my use of Chicory and Pine, especially, I am now able to step back and not try to fix things for everyone and I don't feel guilty and responsible for not doing so.

My initial response, this morning, was one of wanting to defend and convince. I now am (wow-a lightbulb moment) feeling almost completely calm. The lightbulb moment is that I have a good friend who has asked me about this exact type of situation/feeling and I shall now be able to tell her that on experiencing it, I used Star to let it go. Thus far we've been focusing on Holly for hurt,anger and betrayal and also on Rock Rose for terror.

Wow again. The teacher has been taught a lesson. This must have been how Dr Bach felt each time he discovered one of the flower remedies because he experienced each and every one of the negative emotional states before he found the flower that balanced it. Poor man, cause it's no' much fun

Star of Bethlehem is in Rescue Remedy and so remembering that you can take it any time that there is a shock to your system, is wothwhile. Illness, a scare, an argument-anything that hits you in the solar plexus and makes you feel uncomfortable or worse can be healed by Star. Sometimes we don't realise that all of the little shocks to our system can build up and up and up, which can then become a source of physical ailments. Maybe I should put Star in everyones water supply, alongside the Walnut for change because we are all constantly receiving minor shocks to our systems and change is a constant throughout our lives.

At present I am "clutter-clearing"-not sure if I mentioned that, last week? It has given me a whole new burst of energy to get things done and to get other things completed. I had forms that had been waiting for me to add a photograph to them for 4 yrs-eek. So I phoned for an appointment-went half an hour later-got the photos and mailed the forms. Of course, that was after phoning the Canadian Consulate in London to make sure that the price was still the same. Many minutes of pressing numbers to listen to yet more instructions left me a wee bit frustrated and eventually I hung up rather than pretending that it was an emergency and leaving my phone number. I went online and got the phone number for the Edinburgh Branch and got a real person first time-yippee. The bad news was that, for my procrastination, the price had gone up £15 because of the poor exchange rate these days-ugh. I probably paid more for my photographs and postage as well but there's always a lesson to be learned-right. At least now I'll have the right name on my citizenship papers, when we finally move back there.

What else-times nearly up for typing.

I'm managing to walk x 3 each week, with the girls and I'm enjoying it.....except when they drag me up that huge hill in the middle of our beautiful city. I have always had this "block" with hills and go into "poor me" mode as soon as they are mentioned as part of our route. They all just laugh at me these days or sometimes they simply ignore me.

We don't think that we'll do the moonwalk this year, although it's still a possibility. Instead, we thought we'd save a fiver a week and walk 20 or so miles to somewhere, to have a girlie sleepover in June. The plan may change to a nice meal and a few glasses of vino, after plodding 20 miles around Edinburgh-who knows. We're just enjoying the banter as we puff and pant our pretty decent 15 minute miles. Getting together for chats is even better than getting fit through doing the exercise and I'd recommend it to everyone. This time we're hoping to keep it up indefinately as we kinda got a bit lazy after our last moonwalk 2 yrs ago. Except Mo, who admirably did it 3 yrs in a row and LJ who did it again last year. Bravo girls.

My pink night is much less commitment and can be done at the last minute. This year there may be a blue and/or stripey red/white night. I'd like to raise some funds for Ovarian cancer and I've promised a friend that we'll do a fundraiser for Sick Kids, so that she and her hubbie can climb Ben Nevis on their 40th wedding anniversary this Sept.

Great idea and as everyone knows, Sick kids is like a second home to me-through working there, not from spending time there with the kids. They've all had a couple of overnights there, but that's pretty good going.

What else-courses. I am going to put some on the website soon. I love teaching-I'm just not the greatest marketer on the planet. Is that even a word?

Okay, lastly-cause they always have a look to see what nonsense I've written-I want to tell the four main people in my life how proud I am of them. They'll all individually know why. Love you guys, with all my heart and I am grateful every day, many times a day, for you all choosing me to be a part of your life.

Signing off now and wishing you all a wonderful week,


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1. Jx wrote:
It's not nonsense.

Sun, February 20, 2011 @ 12:35 AM

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