This one should have been posted yesterday as day 1 of the next 6 weeks

This one should have been posted yesterday as day 1 of the next 6 weeks

Happy Monday and Happy New Year. Despite the fact that I have (hopefully) just posted my Christmas and New year Blogs (they have been hiding in my phone) I do believe that I must have been abducted for part of the last 2 months. It's the only explanation to how it has been so long since I even logged in to my website. Partial hibernation might also be a plausible excuse ?
OR could it be that there have simply been too many distractions plus a bit of procrastination.
You will likely all be nodding to the last, most likely reason for my silence online. I Finally re-entered the facebook and Linkedin networks last week and I do plan to try to UP my online presence again.
So, the reason for this blog is to share with you the fact that I have begun my 6 week programme of daily meditations/affirmations and I am very hopeful that I will blog regularly, to share the "lightbulb" moments that I may have with you.
My alarm went off at 6.30 as planned-my partner in this venture wasn't so lucky and she slept in, poor thing.
But the reason for doing this programme is to become less stressed Ger so don't sweat it. Laugh and giggle and move on and forward with me.
I am not a morning person and my family will back me up on this point. The only times I get up and get going with any enthusiasm have involved the word 'holiday'
Strangely, this mornings alarm was greeted with an anticipation that I can compare only to the 'holiday' word.
I got out of bed quickly, with no negative thoughts in my head. I was reprimanded by Bill for getting out of bed before he got in as he classes me as his own personal body-warmer on these frosty, winter mornings.
After he disappeared to bed (he works night shift-for those have just met us) I lit a candle and drank the coffee that I had made whilst being 'mindful' of doing so.
Part of the programme is to take one daily routine and pay full attention to doing it. I was gobsmacked-actually that's a lie 'cause I wasn't really-discovering how many times I got sidetracked from making that cup of coffee.
Being mindful simply means telling yourself, as you go along, exactly what it is that you are doing and I realised this morning that I tend to "multi-task" even whilst making a cup of coffee.
Wiping the counter here and putting things away there. No wonder I sometimes find that the milk is still not added !
Anyway, 2 meditations
done and today has been a great day.

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