This should have been posted on Halloween-oops

This should have been posted on Halloween-oops

Happy Halloween.
I am teaching tonight and so will miss the trick-or-treaters at my door. Not that we have had many of them these past couple of years. I loved when my kids were little and we used to go round the doors of friends, who were always waiting with generous bags of sweeties and silver.
I think that people, for the most part and despite themselves, love to see the wee ones dressed up and don't we all find their excitement contagious.
It is eerily warm today and I hope that it stays dry for this evening. It is usually bitterly cold to trek around outside, in the dark on Halloween and having spent many years doing so, I am almost jealous that the younger generation of parents will have it "easy" tonight.
It was a beautiful weekend in Edinburgh and I spent a lot of time enjoying the colours of the leaves on the trees. Who needs to go to New England to see fantastic Fall colours when we have equally gorgeous oranges, reds and yellows on our Scottish trees.
Another memory hits me, of myself kicking the dried leaves in the gutters and of my own children doing the same. The simple joy of hearing the crunch of the multicoloured different variety of leaves was very special. Picking up leaves and pine cones, which seemed magical at the time, is a picture that instantly brings feelings of calm and contentment to the fore.
Did I tell you that I love the Fall ? Did you guess ?
The funny thing is that I love the Spring equally.
I love the buds and the blooming and the gathering warmth. I love the evenings getting lighter as much as I am enjoying them getting darker just now.
Winter is beautiful if it is crisp and bright and cold. I do not like the greyness or rain that Scotland can suffer and perhaps that is why I feel such a calling to parts of Canada where the snow is pretty much a given.
Summer is okay. A strange thing to say for someone who normally goes to hot and sunny for her vacation but I actually detest being too hot.
I can cope as long as there is air conditioning and there calls Canada again. When it is (albeit rarely) hot in Edinburgh, there is no way to be cool and I have been known to get a little grumpy. Who me?
Anyway, not sure whether this blog will be of interest to anyone but I felt like writing it and so I did :-)
Sending much love out to all you trick-or-treaters any anyone else who may be enjoying this autumnal weather.

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