This will be a quickie!

This will be a quickie!

Happy rainy, windy, Wednesday from Bonnie Scotland. Just your typical scottish weather, really! Someone told me that they hoped the weather would be better for my sightseeing with Lynn in a couple of weeks time and I'm thinking "Why?"-this is how we live and she wants reality and not the dream!She's used to sub zero temp's approaching at this time of year. She'll be glad just to be able to go for a walk outside, without frostbite setting in!

Weather is just weather and we shouldn't base our mood around it! That's just a cop-out! The aftermath of the weather affecting our mood ?-well, that just might be justified, looking at the poor people around the country who have been flooded out of their homes this past few days. However, it's not the hurdles that we face in life that determine who we are-it's how we jump them! Some of these people facing the clear-up and devestation will just get on with the business of living and not get caught up in how unfair it is that they are having to endure this horrible event. Life can be horrible at times and when it is outwith our control, the best way to face it is with humour and acceptance and trust that all will come right. If we battle against it with fear and anger and moaning about it's not being fair, it will not help us in the slightest. Nor will it help those around us.

The Bach flower remedies are invaluable at stressful, shocking times like those being experienced by the families made homeless by the recent floods and they can also help those who find themselves injured or bereaved as a result of the severe weather. They help to shift the shock to the system of sudden devestation and to prevent hopelessness and fear from taking hold. They balance and remove resentment and anger surrounding misfortune and give us strength to accomplish all that needs done.

I know that there are worse disasters happening all the time around the world and that Britain deals with ours effectively and swiftly. Perhaps we all need to take a little reflection time each day, to send love and hope out into the world to all those who find themselves victims of natural disasters. Many of them will be left with far less than we perhaps care to imagine.

And the next time you find yourself complaining about the wind and the rain outside your window-pause for thought! It's only weather and we in Edinburgh are incredibly lucky with our weather as it very seldom does us any harm!

Someone once mentioned to me that there is no such thing as bad weather-just inadequate clothing!!

And on that note, I'll say goodbye. Enjoy the coming week (and weather-whatever it's like, where you are!)


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