To top-up or to have a contract, that is the question?

To top-up or to have a contract, that is the question?

2 weeks already have flown by. The kids bein on holiday makes me forget what day of the week it is and to be honest I didn't realise that I'd even lived wednesday last week. I think I realised on Thursday sometime that it had been and gone.

This is my first year of actually having mixed feelings about them going back to school. I usually am glad of my space again but this year I was kind of sad that they were not going to be around. Is that progress on my development into being a better mum or am I just realising that I don't have them at home forever!? Probably a combination but it is a nice feeling to be looking forward to them coming in from school to tell me about their day!

We have one at the top of the High School Tree and one at the top of the Primary School Tree and one on a midway branch of high school, now! How did that happen when they were in nursery 5 minutes ago! I know that every parent thinks that time goes by too fast once the kids stop waking them up in the middle of the night (cause we're wishing their lives away at that point-right!) Having my son be in his final year and listening to his plans for the future is scary to say the least for the 3 of us! (His dad's included) I think that he's just as nervous as me about his going out into the big bad world but he's up for it anyway, which is great. I see it as us having done an okay job of getting him to stand on his own two feet rather than him wanting to leave us.I will miss him dreadfully but there is this computer for chatting freely unlike when I was in Canada making calls via the telephone which cost 60p per minute. My phone bills were enormous!! Even phone calls abroad don't cost very much these days.

I find it quite bizarre that some things are much cheaper now than 24 years ago and do understand it's because of the technology and compitition between companies. But doesn't it still seem bizarre?? I'm thinking of taking on my first ever mobile phone plan as my pay-as-you-go is not really cost effective any more. It was okay when my mobile was just for incoming calls but now that lots of people have my number they send me texts that need replies and my money does not go nearly the distance it once used to. I still obviously care what people think of me, whilst professing that I don't because I don't want to be seen as stingy for sending them a free email reply instead of a text. Plus, how would they know to look at their emails for the reply unless I text them to tell them to??

I have to say that the deals that are out there are so many and varied that I'm bog-eyed but I will need to make a decision soon before this credit runs out! I've always been an email girl-far easier on the thumbs!! We didn't have a phone in our house till I was in my mid-teens-perhaps that's why it's never been my preferred method of communication?

Ours isn't a very technilogical household. I have instilled my kids brains with the fact that I think there may be long term side effects from having a mobile phone clamped to your teenage head. The result has been that my 17 yr old has never had a mobile and his sister still has most of the £20 credit she got with the phone a couple of birthdays ago! The wee one doesn't officially become allowed her own mobile till she turns 12! And Bill's can usually be found in a location where he is not-he only got it so that I could reach him when he was out working.

They are a great idea really, I suppose, for emergencies but how did we ever get by without them? Easy! Is it really that much more dangerous out there than it was when we were kids? Or is it that the media coverage makes it seem so much worse? My mum never saw us from morning till night if we were out having fun during the school hols. And yet, I tell mine to check in occassionally to let me know where they are. Actually, I think that I do that more because I'm a bit worried that other parents may think that I don't care about my cihldren rather than me actually worrying where they are and what they are getting up to.I trust my kids! And yes, there are bad people out there but there are many more good people and I don't want my kids to be scared of going out by themselves because they have to grow up and be independant and confident adults.

I pray for their safety morning and night and trust that this method of keeping them safe is effective and I always say THANKS at the end of the day.!

We had a survey to fill in and it asked, as one of the questions, what I would want done to make Scotland a better place to live in. I filled in this answer:

"I would be involved in running a positive-news-only newspaper to help the Scottish people become and remain more positive about their lives!"

Anybody know anybody with a large amount of spare cash?????

And on that note, I'll say godnight or Goodnight even! (my keyboard needs replaced, still and so usual excuse for spelling errors applies!)

Take it easy and try not to waste today with worries of tomorrow!




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