Try not to interfere with anyone elses journey

Try not to interfere with anyone elses journey

Last night I watched a movie called "The Devil wears Prada" and I find my self sitting here (with my wonderful first cup of coffee) pondering my changed perception of the fashion industry. I, like Anne Hathaways leading character, was totally disrespectful and ignorant of all that goes into the inception of a designers range of clothes. I guffaw at the reality "top-model" shows as pretention and shallowness.
But (and I know it was just a movie) there was a brilliant scene where Meryl Streeps vicious-tongued character leads you through the sequence of how we get our high street clothes and, for the first time, I actually "got it"
I got that those who choose to be fashion-designers are more than just playing at dress-up.
Whilst I now plan to try to be non-judgemental about peoples choice to be involved in fashion, I do not imagine that I will ever understand or condone the seeming "cut-throat" attitude that goes along with the climb to the top and the staying there.
And that is the same of anything in life. I believe that we can all achieve what we are meant to achieve without needing to interfere with anyone elses path on the way there.
This world is big and plentiful, if only everyone believed it.
I see so much fear around me of people who are afraid that there isn't enough work or clients or college places or money or single men/women.
If we could all look at all of the things that we do have in our lives-even when we are in a great (seeming) struggle-that focus on the positive will lighten our heart and soul and mind and actually allow more positive things to come in.
I know that it can be extremely difficult-I don't always have the strength to change my negative thoughts to positive ones-but knowing that a hardship is trying to teach you something or to course-correct your life can help you to look at trials with curiosity rather than fear or resentment.
When I look back on all of the drama that I used to bring into my life, I know that there were several course corrections and lessons which have led me to this place that I now find myself.
Perhaps if I had had the Bach remedy Walnut in my life, to help me to not interfere with the lives of others and to protect me from doing things that my soul knew to be wrong, I would have got here quicker?
But it's not a race, this life that we have.
It is what it is when it is it...............and that's that:-)
Sending out much love to all of those who, like me, can be dismissive and disrespectful of the role that others play in the world. We are all ships heading to the same destination but taking different routes to get there.
Be joyful on your own route and help others to find joy on theirs, rather than try to persuade them that your scenery is better.

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