Uniquely and Authentically me.

Uniquely and Authentically me.

I am currently doing a 9 day meditation challenge and todays exercise was to share myself with others in a way that felt authentic.
I am supposed to write about what makes me unique but how am I to know if anyone else feels like I do?
Of course I know that my DNA is unique to me. The ever-increasing amount of freckles on my face are unique to me as are the four broken nails that I currently have at the end of my fingers  which were caused my a day of clenching my hands around the safety bars of several theme-park rides yesterday. That's three things but I am to write five.
The wee Angels that I draw are unique to me as are my daily Angel Doodles which are posted on my Bachflowerconsultsonline.com Facebook page, so there are five things unique to me.
I am then supposed to expand on these things and write about what I can do with my uniqueness but there's not a lot I can do with my freckles or fingernails. I will encourage anyone who hates their freckles to embrace them and love them  of course and my fingernails will be moulded into much less jaggy edges as soon as I have finished writing this piece.
But somehow I think that I am supposed to be writing something different but at the same time, I know that these different things will not be unique to me.
I believe in Angels and work with them in my healing of others. In fact, I have 5 Archangels visiting me as I type. They were part of a 'chain-letter' to help the world and I have to say that I am totally embracing them being here, so much so that I have kept them for not just a second stint of five nights, but a third. They are here to help me and I need help in manifesting the book that I am writing and in bringing into reality the life that I wish for myself and my family.
I have been in Toronto for nine months now and the book is still inside my head and not a completed manuscript on its way to the printers, as I promised it would be.
No clue except that it has not been able to free itself from the clutches of my mind.
And so I am asking for some serious Angelic help, knowing that they always come through with what I ask for or something even better, even if I don't realise that the better is better at the time of receipt.
If you ask me whether I can see these Angels, I will have to admit to only seeing them as colours and not as objects of winged beauty as depicted on Angel cards and in paintings.
I sometimes think I am bonkers for thinking they are in the room with me and then I remember the little miracles that they have whispered to me and I know that Faith and Trust are two of the hardest things that I have had to reclaim for myself.
So I trust that they are there and I have faith that they will help and guide me to whatever it is that I am supposed to be bringing to this big old world of ours.
I have lots of gifts to offer and if I look at those combined gifts, then I suppose that is what makes me uniquely me. Not one thing or a list of five things including my DNA but the sum total of all the things that I am.
I have great ability to put people at ease
I can organise calmly and effectively myself and others
I am a great problem-solver
I use Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki and Mindfulness to keep myself well and help others
I believe that I chose my parents to gain the experiences I wanted
I believe in the Law of Attracton
I believe that I can heal myself and others
I believe that we are all responsible for ourselves and our own wellbeing
I believe that I create my own reality
I love my family with my whole heart and soul
I believe that any place can become a wonderful home
I believe that you can choose to respond rather than react to any given situation

Oh, I could go on and on and on but I think that will do for now.
On a little Bach Note, if anyone is still reading:
Bach Flower Remedies were probably the biggest miracle ever given to me. Their gentle healing has heped me to slowly return to the authentic soul that I am. They are always my first port of call for any negative emotion or ailment that I am experiencing. I know that I would never have been able to find myself in this happy reality that I now find myself, without them.
Much Love to all,

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