Valentines day, Lorraine Murray is fab and Larch for finding your confidence.

Valentines day, Lorraine Murray is fab and Larch for finding your confidence.

Well, it's February and I am very aware of my lack of my own traffic to my website.
Usually I would have managed to squeeze a newsletter into January and set some course dates for Reiki, Bach and meditation. Not this year.
My organisational skills seem to be lacking, at the beginning of 2013 but not for all things. With the website, I think that there are big changes coming and I am processing that from a distance, so to speak.
2013 was always going to be a fantastic year. My son will be 21 in June and lives in another country..........and I am good with that. It is when I acknowledge growth in myself, like that and like the last blogs healing of grief within me, that I know the journey is forward and it is worthwhile.
This year, so far, has been like receiving the fruits of the seeds that I have sown for the last 6 years. The fruits within myself and the fruits of the business.
Referrals of clients has been a huge reward in January and I will be leading meditation 4 times/week from the end of Feb.
Meditation/mindfulness teaching is perhaps the most interesting progress for me both personally and professionally. There are only a few select people who know (from observation) how difficult I used to find it to speak in public, never mind lead a group in meditation. I have taken baby steps with it over the last couple of years! Beginning with a wee meditation during my Bach and Reiki teaching to practising on friends, at home to taking a huge leap and offering to teach it through adult education.. I am now doing my third term at Leith Academy and love it. I love to see the enthusiasm of the students build as each week goes on and to hear of their own little (or sometimes huge) triumphs through using their breathing to solve a problem.
My latest project has been attending Calm Kids through my great friend and 'mentor' Lorraine Murray. The course and book I would highly recommend as they will both help you to help yourself and others to develop their own voice and have peace in their daily lives.
As part of my course I am doing meditation case studies, with young people and have already worked with a 12 year old for several sessions, which seemed to help both her and her mum.
I begin working with my next 'guinea pigs' in a couple of weeks-a group of High School 5th years who are anxious and I am soooo looking forward to helping them to take control of their anxieties. You'll notice that I didn't say 'trying to help' and that's because I have no doubt that I will have them much less anxious before those Higher exams roll around at the end of April.
My plan is to complete my Calm Kids training in the next year and to help Lorraine to roll it out across the world. Lorraine, if you read this-you are a fantastic inspiration to anyone who wishes the best for themselves, our young people and our planet and I love you.  or to check out all the fab work that Lorraine does.
As an addition to meditation helping me to develop my voice, I cannot thank the Bach flower remedy Larch enough. I have written about it previously but it deserves another mention as it has delved into my soul and brought to the surface the confidence to be all that I am supposed to be. Seriously. If you have a problem with your confidence (fear of failure/success-which you may be using the Bach flower remedy Mimulus for) give Larch a try and love the results :-)))
Well, on this Valentines day, I wonder how many people around the world are suffering loneliness or disappointment? It's very easy for me to say to others that their happiness lies inside themselves, on days like this but they could quite rightly tell me that I have a loving husband of almost 20 years to hug me whenever I need it and he does, when I do.
The Bach flower remedies can help anyone who feels negative in any respect of their lives, not just those who are wishing for the man of their dreams to walk through the door to spend the rest of their lives together.
The Bach flower remedies can help you look at how you would like to feel (not at who you would like to feel:-) and help you to feel happy despite there not being a significant other in the picture, at present. Because the present is all we have. That gift of the NOW when we can choose to be happy and focus on all the things that we do have in our lives and there will always be something to latch on to with gratitude. But we have to choose the path of gratitude rather than that of sorrow.
Well, my last little bit will be to share that my husband bought me some red roses and a lovely card which were waiting for me on the kitchen table when I got up. What he doesn't know (but may suspect) is that I found them in the garage last night when I was trying to be helpful by getting the recycling ready for him to put out at the end of his night shift.
I can just hear the thoughts in his head
'Grrr, I can't remember the last time that she got the recycling ready'
Oops and never mind, Bill. I love you and the Roses are beautiful. X
Happy Valentines day,


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