Vote for who's right for you!

Vote for who's right for you!

At the risk of sounding repetitive, where have the last 2 weeks gone? Seriously, folks-I seem to be on this little hamster wheel which will not stop and time just keeps disappearing. Perhaps it's more like a time machine than the hamster wheel-thing because I am enjoying myself for the most part and I'm sure that I'd be screaming murder if I was in a hamster wheel................and I'm not.

The school exams are nearly done and I have my last "smile and make them feel as good as they can" session at the High school tomorrow. I have been much more relaxed this year about it all and much prefer the am sessions because the pm ones are during my "siesta times" and it's definately more difficult to stay alert, then. I am not worried about the Moonwalk being during the night-my nightshift clock always worked better than my dayshift one. Most girls had a low around 3am. Mine always came at 3pm and I'd need to close my eyes during my break! Strange how we are all made up so differently and yet so the same.

A couple of recent revelations!! Escape now..............!!

I commented very recently on how much my children teach me and then reflected on the statement. I do believe that children choose which family they are born into (and if this is your first experience of my thinking-don't run away..I'm fun!) Up till this point I was more focused on the fact that I thought they chose their families so that they themselves could learn what they need to. BUT, what about if they choose their parents because they need to be the teachers to them?? I know that my mum learns a lot from me and I definately began a new learning curve when I became a parent. Perhaps the new generation know stuff that we don't because they've been here one more time than we have. Not all of them, 'cause that wouldn't work next time round but for my thought.

Secondly-I've completely forgot what was to go in here!! That takes me in a completely different direction-AGE! It's all a con! We are the victims of our own imaginations. We imagine how it's going to be and it becomes reality. A bold statement, I know but think about when things are going badly and you are constantly expecting the worst. I bet that the worst often does happen because of those very expectations! That's why people find that one thing after another after another goes wrong and it is very difficult to be able to say "Woah-enough!" and put a grin on your face and picture a lovely outcome which you can then make happen.

Looking at it through the other lens, when all is going great and we are happy as Larry (whoever he is)

How do we keep that going?

I believe that thankfulness for all of the things that we have and all the things we don't quite have yet is the way to go! I start my thank yous for the day before I get out of bed! I'm not some morning-lover, who wakes up with a smile (ask my fellow 7am walkers) but I do begin to be grateful as soon as I awake. I am also very thankful for everything that happens during the day. Green lights, parking spaces, good meetings, lovely coffee-times-everything and in advance of it happening as well as after it does.

If you've never tried it-GO FOR IT!! What's the worst that could happen? You'll be no worse off but you may just be a little bit happier with the world.

Voting tomorrow-I'm not political but I am hopeful that people will turn out to vote. If they don't, the same old people will get back in and the same old things will keep happening. The big two parties (or is there 3?) need a swift kick, if I have to put my thoughts down. They both need to see that the times have changed and people are not going to put up with all the political games that have always gone on. Why because a politician is a politician should he get special dispensation? I don't want any of them to have harm come to them and I see this current climate as a very big wake-up call for them and their out-of-date school-rules.The media have a lot to answer for but they can also be seen as a bit of a deterrent to those in power. The press will find you out (no, I don't mean you in particular!) and will not cut you any favours and so beware.

I've always thought that they should all have to sit some kind of humanitarian test before they can get to be "in power" but most humanitarians want nothing to do with power and so there lies a contradiction, eh!?

It was suggested in my house recently that the politics of the future would be in the form of daily referendums for everyone at the touch of a button on our computer and that then the true majority would have the vote!

Well, it seems that I may be more political than I like to think but please do think about hitting the poll station tomorrow, with your thinking cap on and vote from your heart. Not because you've always voted a certain way or because your parents or spouse say that their opinion is right.Look inside yourself, look at the information and mark your X. Say thank you for making the right choice for you (which will be right for all of us if it comes from your heart) and know that you've done your bit.

And that's me done mine for this week.

Have a wonderful week everyone,


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